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  1. I remember back in the day when guys would pay good money for these, (namely the Halo 2 pre-release builds). It's nice to see the community has matured.
  2. In a few weeks or so, im going to buy a Diablo Predator Sport tuner for my car, to adjust the shifting points and such to increase performance. Anyways, that tool is only limited to small things, as Chrysler dealerships have access to the "Starscan" tool (<Pic here>) which can enable/disable functions of the car like Flags.. Now the cool thing about the diablo sport tuner is that i can use the diablo as a transfer unit to save my changed EVIC (car-computer) info to my computer. Now im not sure yet if that bac'd file will work as the entire info of the computer, or similar to a .map 'patch' where only the changes are saved in a package; however, if it ISNT like a 'patch,' (and there's a high chance it isn't cause the transfer seems to take a while) then is there anyone on this site willing to challenge their programming skills OUTSIDE the realm of gaming consoles, and try to make a program to mimmick the fuckin $5,000 starscan tool chrysler uses?? All i want to be able to do is open the file (i extracted from my car) on my computer and enable/disable certain functions of my car. Can this be done? Is anyone willing to attempt this project in the near future out of just plain love/curiosity of tech? Thanks for your insight
  3. General

  4. Maybe... might be at the gym (during the times you mentioned on msn) so.. GT: xXTxMANXx
  5. General

    What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar??? -<post your responses below>- IF YOU DO NOT LIKE KLONDIKE BARS, JUST COME UP WITH SOMETHING YOU WOULD DO!
  6. General

    i sold my original ps3 a LONG ass time ago. i agree with you for the most part, (and hehe, PC gaming IS far better than console), but the reason why ps3 and PCs don't have such a high recognition similar to the xbox is simply because the xbox is the Call of Duty, of the consoles. What i mean is: yes, the xbox is fun and nice, there IS better stuff out there, and the only reason why it's so popular seems to be as result of everyone, or THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE, PLAY IT. there are less PCs and PSN users.. its more of an ignorance issue to why the xbox is so great (like cod!). don't get me wrong: i love my xbox (i have three of them...). i sold my ps3 a couple of years back, and i got into PC gaming for a while (its amazing how much more you can do on a PC. it's like a dream come true for me). i do believe, however, that the ps4 is unnecessary at this point in time. Modern consoles can update/new advancements can be added without another $300-ish purchase of a new console, and both xbox and ps3 seem to be up to date for the most part on what CAN be achieved for consoles, so i believe that at this point, the ps4 will hardly be any different than the ps3, so it seems to be a waste of money to me. almost as if they have given up on their prized console that was praised so much by Valve for Portal 2 not too long ago. P.S. did anyone else LOL when they showed the tv screen in the teaser and it showed MW2?!? -not black ops!! (probably because it has been the most successful game in recent years. i personally am not that big of a fan of it)
  7. .MAP

    not trying to brag here, but SHIT! this looks like my old stuff! nice job, mate!
  8. Multi

    looks promising!
  9. goodbye.
  10. We All Have Been Keeping Up On The News Of Reach, And Nowise And I Tried To Figure Out This New Vehicle Found On A Few Videos Of The Gameplay On Hemorrhage : Now You May Be Thinking: 'Oh, This Is Just The New Spectre,' But Today I Was Randomly Looking Through Images Of The Original Halo Build, And Found This: -That Vehicle, It's Name? Do You Think This New Reach Vehicle Is a Remake/New Version? I Do. On Reach, The Covenent And The UNSC Are Trying Out New Technology/Prototypes. This Halo Vehicle Was Going To Be Framed Around/Before The Time Of Halo 1, And Reach Is Before This, So It Could Have Been "Discontinued" By The Time Of Halo 1. Remember, Bungie Brings Things From Their Other Halo Games Into New Ones. They May Be Easter Eggs, Or In ODST's Case, They Brought Back The Engineer, A Creature Found In The Same Build As This Vehicle of halo 1. Please Comment On What You Think!
  11. it's already jtaged, had an unused kv, and has a fixable issue. already about 75$ or more:P

  12. Thunder. that conversation that nowise and i supposedly had was forged by lazygamer so he could get admin

  13. Support

    retry it or try it on a different map. if you still have issues, i'll be glad to help
  14. Modding

    change the object properties of the projectile to a plasma grenade. shaderswap the plasma grenade and resize it so it is a bit smaller. also, decrease the velocity and increase the air gravity to make it more realistic. to make it legit, finish the mod off by making the actual paintball gun. i hate to say this skate, but this is another mod i've already done:P don't even think about a portal gun. i've done that too.