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  1. General

    If you load an account on this build does it unlock everything?
  2. General

    So I had seen a video of game cheat with a modded save on MCC how does one do this?
  3. Note this is a form for positive posts only please no negative intent. I have to say my favorite thing so far is the customization i'm at 72% completely overall
  4. I just finished reading that Reddit post and I will come and hear some point but most of what he has to say is just him bitching about things I mean really every game has its issues yes but I personally saw halo five campaign as a step in the right direction granted the story was a little fast pace and it did kind of get annoying story was overall good and did its job of setting up the next arc just like H2 did for H3 you set up the right story and give your fans a massive taste and in the climax is just that much better I personally think the games at 9/10
  5. Just the way me and my friends play and I meant funest my bad
  6. Very simple Red Base tower Blue Base tower
  7. I feel this game is amazing the campaign lacking in some aspects was amazing overall. Warzone is the funniest thing I think I have ever played in a Halo Game sorry Halo 2'custom. Amazing machmaking amazing story and so much to do more than any halo before it. Till recently I was believeing Halo 3 was the last great halo but Halo 5 proved me wrong thank you 343I for one of the best Halo games todate.
  8. So I met a guy on xbox who says he works for IGN and he threaten me because I told him I am a modder. I said that I only mod offline but he says that still bad lol kids dont know anything what does he want me to mod online lol

    1. AMD


      My dad works for Microsoft. Give me that IGN guy's gamertag and I'll ban him.

    2. FederalGOKU


      dead^^^ lmaooooo

    3. Faultiplayer


      loool Get em, AMD.

  9. What does the error code array mean on this site

    1. Thunder


      I'd have to see a screenshot to explain it.

    2. Bunker Jeremy

      Bunker Jeremy

      When I message a user It says it

  10. I love this Mod so far and no bugs
  11. Thank you zedd
  12. The map is right?
  13. I have the right xex i added 8188 to the map ids idk what i missed
  14. Ok i did everything but it says disk unreadable