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  1. ZLClever2sy you can not send map mods online and its not possible to show them to ur friends unless u use xlink

    U can hav his usermaps though

  2. Love the mods, im not a modder but id love to have ur maps to play on and if anyone wants to play on the maps ill tell them who i got them from. so please send them to me or add me on xbox. ZLClever2sy

  3. Hi my gamertag is snaggynick1997 and i sent you a message earlier asking for the halo 3 mods and i cant mod so i was just wonderin if you could like send them to me on xbox live

  4. Modding

    and this is why i didnt give it to you at the first. i knew you would relese it
  5. Modding

    wow i will be excited if you get that done good luck man
  6. This is only if you have RTH and if you go on Xlink Ok so what this does it if you are host and change the projectial EVERYONE will be able to see the proj. So first open your map in alteration. Push Ctrl "C" To Coppy This Number Now Go To The Worthog Troop Effect That You Used. Push Ctrl "V" To Paste That Number in This Box Then You Can Change What You Want To Shoot Out Right Here And There You Go. This Makes Xlink SO much more fun
  7. Hey could you possibly make on ur youtube account a vid on how to make weapons change fire rate, power, projectiles and such i can mod stuff like turning gernades into master chefs and stuff but that gets boring. I saw ur x falcon and it was awesome!

  8. .MAP

    Example: http-~~-// Open A Map In Alteration 0.0525. I will be doing a rocket launcher First_how to edit force and power - First go to the {jpt!} class - Go down to Objects/weapons/support_highrocket_launcherdamage_effectsrocket_launcher_explosion make sure you are in the meta editor - At the Top you should see Radius [MIN] and Radius [Max] this will edit how far the explosion hits i had it at about 150... 500 is about all of sandbox - Next Find Damage lower and "both" upper bounds this will determine how much damage the rocket does. i had it at 300.. that will kill everything it touches. "in the video i just made myself invisible" - Now go down to the instantaneous acceleration (force).. this will change how Far it will hit YOU back "in the video i had it at 50. so low numbers are good" - You Can also Edit the Shake radius "i didn't do it in the video but 50 is a good number" Now to Edit the Effect of the Blast - OK first. go to effects in the Meta grid - Right click and hit "Show" Then "Indents" - look at the second attachment....."Attachment[1]" and next to that you should see {sefc} and next to that you should see fxscreen_fxlarge_explosion....... it can be a small or a medium one, but for a rocket it is large. - now minimize the {effect} class and go down to {sefc} and pick the explosion type your weapon is. - go in the meta editor and this is what you want to edit. "you may need to show invisible" The Rocket in the video had the same edits as this.... Radius = 100 Duration= 7 Intensity = 3.5 Thermal feather = 2 Darkness = 2 And that's about all i did. Mess around with this as much as you want. TUT MADE BY: Chrisco93
  9. the map sandbox wit the new vehicles on it.. think you could give a link for it? thatd be sweet

  10. Support

    to make the turning better you need to go to the vehi tag and find your vehicle. then go to motion properties, then you should see something about turrning, "higer numbers make you tun better" and side drift is because of the horse power and the speed, you will have to mess with that until it just turns right
  11. Zedd edit: time for a reformat and inclusion of ODST FF Halo 3: Campaign: 005_intro - Arrival 010_jungle - Sierra 117 020_base - Crow's Nest 030_outskirts - Tsavo Highway 040_voi - The Storm 050_floodvoi - Floodgate 070_waste - The Ark 100_citadel - The Covenant 110_hc - Cortana 120_halo - Halo 130_epilogue - Epilogue Disc Multiplayer: chill - Narrows construct - Construct cyberdyne - The Pit deadlock - High Ground guardian - Guardian isolation - Isolation riverworld - Valhalla salvation - Epitaph shrine - Sandtrap snowbound - Snowbound zanzibar - Last Resort DLC Multiplayer: armory/armory2 - Rat's Nest bunkerworld - Standoff chillout - Cold Storage descent - Assembly docks - Longshore fortress - Citadel ghosttown - Ghost Town lockout - Blackout midship - Heretic sandbox - Sandbox sidewinder - Avalanche spacecamp - Orbital warehouse - Foundry Halo 3 ODST: Campaign: c100 - Prepare To Drop sc100 - Tayari Plaza sc110 - Uplift Reserve sc120 - Kizingo Blvd. sc130 - ONI Alpha Site sc140 - NMPD HQ sc150 - Kikowani Stn. l200 - Data Hive l300 - Coastal Highway h100 - Mombasa Streets c200 - "Coastal Highway" (Epilogue) Firefight: sc100 - Crater sc110 - Lost Platoon sc120 - Rally Point sc130 - Security Zone sc130 - Alpha Site sc140 - Windward l200 - Chasm Ten l300 - Last Exit h100 - Crater (Night) h100 - Rally (Night) Original Post:
  12. well that is lame... about the budjet thing lol
  13. Support

    go look in the tutorial section and you will find a tut on modding shader, please dont spam by posting th same questions
  14. Support

    what version and what map did you open
  15. Support

    do you have the dumb aim bot on? the one jester gave out fucks up vehicles when they shoot