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  • Birthday 11/25/1992

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    CIA Headquarters in Africa.
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    Digital Art, Programming, and Game Design. Halo Modding has been my hobby since I was 12-13 and changing the appearance of cars is one of my Hobbies aswell.

    -Fusion of Code and Art is where its at.

    -Double Major in Studio Art and Computer Science. Double minor in Game Design and Digital Art.

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    xxm1992xx (MR 123)

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  1. Charging people from the start? The greatest mods and games are the ones that go for free in the beginning. If you want your work as a developer or artist to become popular, let all the people decide from the very start, not just the ones with money. Doesn't matter if its just charging a dollar, free will always win the peoples hearts in the end and to me a larger fan base is more valuable than extra coin. The money follows. After all modding is for fun, not for profit.
  2. Yeah thats lame. But unfortunately as time moves forward so will ideas centered around anything tech related. Basically anything that was once indie or a hipster type scene will soon be attempted for profit. Its much like how eventually farm land gets taken over and turned into city. Same will be attempted of all and any tech scenes, including modding. I mean look how much youtube and modding in general have blown up in the past 5 years. If it wasnt for youtube creating youtube stars that play mods, the modding scene would never be getting poked for profit and popularity. *cough* pewdiepie *cough*
  3. Thanks Faulti, I hope to stick around. Thanks Mike and yes I loved making race tracks, so much fun, what was your gamertag back then? and thank you
  4. Made and taken by DeadCanadian. I just made the body bitmap. threw some filters on it in photoshop hehe. Deads da man
  5. Hi my names Em. I remember when Halo came out and I first played it. The first thing I did was try to get out of the first campaign level. I modded Halo1 and liked it so much I modded Halo2 and when Halo3 came out I modded it. Then I went to college to double major in Art and Computer Science to eventually work in game design. I'm still in college. After 5 years of not modding Halo, I'm back, to see what amazing things all those on this forum can create. You are all very talented at what you do, keep up the good work and I cant wait to see what new mods everyone here brings to the forum.
  6. Try looking at the data in a hex editor and possibly going from there.