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  1. .MAP

    Sqtm i think
  2. .MAP

    I messed with the squad template tags and tag injected the marine chars from another map
  3. Hello, i recently got back into modding since i finally bothered to replace my missing charger for my controller. This map replaces all grunts with enemy marines and you play as an elite instead of a spartan. Unfortunately i cannot upload this to XboxChaos as the patch is over 8mb in size Download Here
  4. General

    that sucks
  5. go check out it has some nice tutorials on how to mod halo 5
  6. Hello. If you want to start modding on halo 5, you need to go on a offline map on forge. In order to do that we need to change the forge tutorial map in the games memory so that it will go on a different map instead of the normal ingame tutorial map. Open up Halo 5 PC and go to the main menu and leave it there. Open cheat engine and go to "Add Address Manually". Paste this in the address box: halo5forge.exe+3A25DA0 Change the type to text Change the length to 50 Press Ok You should now see it on the list. Check to see if the value matches this: "levels/multi/fo01_terrain_alpine/forge_tutorial" If it does then your doing everything right so far. The next thing you need to do is to change the value to another map. Go to your newly added address and right click on it. Go to change record then value. Replace it with either "levels\multi\fo02_glacier\fo02_glacier" or "levels\multi\fo04_ocean\fo04_ocean". Make sure not to leave any spaces. Check the little box next to the address. Now once you have changed the value, go back onto halo 5 and try to start the tutorial. If all goes well you should go on a different map instead of alpine and should be able to spawn stuff in like in normal forge. Now you are on a offline dedicated server instead of a online one allowing more control over what you can mod using cheat engine. If you are stuck and need help, feel free to join the halo 5 forge discord. Message me for the link as im not sure as im allowed to advertise discord servers. PS: I have not been able to add images for some reason because this site does not seem to like imgur.
  7. How do i get someone to connect to the server and game?
  8. Right, i have the network build of assembly, how do i use it?
  9. Ok Thanks!!
  10. seems is down, do you have a compiled build i can use? I cant compile it myself because i don't have much space on my hard drive
  11. Where is it? I cant seem to find it.
  12. How do i use it with assembly or does assembly do if for you automaticly?
  13. What is network poking and what can I do with it? What I am trying to do is mess around in halo with my friend using fsd link.
  14. Modding

    It has been a long time since i last packaged a map for the main menu. Now i cant remember a thing Could anyone tell me how to do this?
  15. .MAP

    That assembly does not work for me. It runs in the background for a while then disappears.