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  1. Modding

    Managed to optimize it so now its all stable, going to make a tutorial soon.
  2. Modding

    Whenever a script compiler gets released, fed up of having to do it the hard way. Also would need to make a more optimized version of the script as it chews up the cpu.
  3. Modding

    Here is a video of a WIP mod i am working on that makes spawned AI use the maps pathfinding automaticly.
  4. This is a modified version of ff50_park/Beachhead that reverses the roles based on a map mod i did a long time ago for the original version of reach. Instead of fighting the Covenant, you fight the UNSC instead. Downloads: ModDB Nexus Mods Features: Announcers have been swapped. Elite HUD Player Spartans on the blue team. (WIP) Working FP animations for elites Player Elites have custom armour colours and armour effects. Fight against Marines and more! Issues: Player Spartans have elite hud colours Player customization is not fully working due to me trying to get player elites to have custom armour on the red team. (Player Customization Globals are finicky) Jetpack ODST's drop their jetpack equipment that is not synced in MP. (Appears for non-hosts) Not all waves have been replaced so you might wanna use the ones down below or use the preset gametypes in the downloads.
  5. Modding

    go to your weapons firing effect tag, change anticipated tag to ejbo then change tag underneath it to projectile you want. not the best way to do it but it works
  6. Modding

    They already use the kick animations, you just dont notice them. Id give video evidence if i was not so tired. .-.
  7. This mod replaces some of the vanilla announcers sounds with unreal tournament 2004's equivalents. Issues: Not all of the vanilla announcers sounds have been replaced. The sounds have been sped up or trimmed a bit to fit the sounds they have been replacing. The announcer sounds are a bit quiet and cant be made louder any further without distortion. Downloads: ModDB Nexus Mods To install: 1. Go to your mcc directory, inside the haloreach/fmod/pc folder 2. backup english.fsb and replace it with the one of your choosing. 3. Your done!
  8. Features: All items in map added into the forge menu No barriers of any kind. Working Target Designator Usable Jackal and Skirmisher shields. All vehicles are drivable. Issues: Hologram and Active Camo have missing textures but still work fine! TU and Juggernaut gametypes do not work. Some sounds are missing for the elite and vehicles. (Unfixable at this time!) Textures are missing for some elite armor permutations causing weird stuff to heppen to them. Installation: 1. Go to your games directory 2. Backup and 3. Patch m70_bonus and replace cex_damnation with it. 4. Your done! Downloads: ModDB Nexus Mods
  9. This may sound stupid but what would the syntax be for iterating stuff? Searched on google for halo ce examples but could not find any. Also where can i get info about the types you can use for 'volume_return_objects_by_type'
  10. Ive been trying to figure this out for a while but to no avail. Currently the way that could be possible is to get all the ai thats currently in a trigger volume and use the ai_migrate function, however i dont know how i would iterate the function for each ai in the trigger volume. If anyone knows how to do this or that it is not possible, that would be great. Thanks!
  11. .MAP

    Forge World 2.0 (I know, unoriginal name) is a modified version of forge world that aims to restore some hidden/cut content back into the map. It is pretty bare-bones at the moment as there hasn't been much added to it yet. Features: Removed all barriers and able to forge outside of maps boundaries. Increased budget. Restored hidden vehicle variants: Shade Turrets Warthogs Falcons Will plan to add more things soon. To-do: Make the troop warthog's seats all usable. Find more hidden stuff to restore. Screenshots: forge_halo_v2.asmp
  12. Hello, i have been trying to modify the xur files that have been extracted from the dashboards xex files. However the files do not open. I have tried using xui workshop to convert the xur files to xui but they come out wrong. Is there a proper way to open these files?
  13. and you can also make xex files if you wanted to using that program you will need some experience with c++ though
  14. .MAP

    Sqtm i think
  15. .MAP

    I messed with the squad template tags and tag injected the marine chars from another map