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  1. Joshua1998 liked a blog entry by Thunder, Assembly Development - Network Poking   
    I have started work on adding network poking to assembly. If you don't know what network poking is, it is basically a way for every person in a game to receive the same poke at the same time. This is useful for stuff like campaign or client sided values that people would prefer everyone to have.
    However, testing any sort internet based application takes quite a bit of resources and man power. I need to have some people that will be willing to throw everything they have at the program in order to find bugs and exceptions in the program as well as work help me test synchronization and suggest features. If you are interested in helping me out, please PM me.
  2. Joshua1998 liked a blog entry by Lord Zedd, Shared Asset Lists   
    Due to size, all I can do is post this link: where you'll find everything in a pretty rar. Lists are courtesy of the "SharedDump" tool made by AMD, which can be found with Assembly's source. Also courtesy of my own merging and sorting since SharedDump goes per-map.
    If it ain't here it ain't shared. Go cry about it.
    Halo 3
    Halo 3: ODST
    Halo: Reach Beta
    Halo: Reach
    Halo 4
  3. Joshua1998 liked a blog entry by AMD, Enabling Ai In Multiplayer   
    UPDATE: Zedd was kind enough to make PPF patches for this. You can download them here:
    UPDATE 2: Added values for Reach TU1.
    UPDATE 3: Added values for Halo 3.

    (Credit to OrangeMohawk for the screenshot)
    I've been working on this for the past few sleepless nights days and finally figured it out. If you have a map in multiplayer that contains script code to spawn AI (hopefully someone can write a tutorial on how to convert campaign maps to MP), this will show you what to poke in order to force the AI to spawn. It's also possible to do the opposite and force AI to never spawn.
    Note that this will NEVER work in a networked game. Don't even try. This is because the multiplayer engine is asynchronous and doesn't ensure that the game state (and hence AI state) is synced between clients. This is the very reason why AI was disallowed in multiplayer in the first place. If you want to use AI in a networked game, then you will have to convert your map to Firefight. No exceptions.
    These values must be poked while at the main menu.
    Halo 3 Non-TU
    Enable AI Everywhere:
    At 0x8203A7BC, poke 0x00000000 (uint32)
    Halo 3 TU3
    Enable AI Everywhere:
    At 0x8203ADBC, poke 0x00000000 (uint32)
    (If you want the addresses for disabling AI everywhere, let me know and I'll find them.)
    Reach Non-TU
    Enable AI Everywhere:
    At 0x820388EC, poke 0x00000000 (uint32)
    At 0x8213E4C3, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x821438E3, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x821F3B1F, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x823DB083, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x824D7970, poke 0x39600001 (uint32)
    At 0x824F14D7, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x8261FB8B, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x826797C3, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x8267C4E3, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x826A705F, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x826FC167, poke 0x01 (byte)
    Disable AI Everywhere:
    At 0x821ADD20, poke 0x60000000 (uint32)
    Reach TU1
    Enable AI Everywhere:
    At 0x820389D4, poke 0x00000000 (uint32)
    At 0x8213E643, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x82143A63, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x82143B13, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x821F3A97, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x823DC653, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x824D96C0, poke 0x39600001 (uint32)
    At 0x824F31C7, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x82622193, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x8267BDF3, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x8267EB13, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x826A9647, poke 0x01 (byte)
    At 0x826FE78F, poke 0x01 (byte)
    Disable AI Everywhere:
    At 0x821ADD20, poke 0x60000000 (uint32)
    I might make a blog post later which explains how I found these addresses in the first place and what everything does.
    Special thanks go out to Zedd and Gamecheat (for helping me test) and to Kornman (for explaining how AI enabling worked in H2, among other things).