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  1. This Site

    We need people to post more but lol no weed pls Also is this site about halo mods only? and yes GPD's and other bs has made the mods no longer as fun as it seemed like they where.
  2. Well I do not even have a tab to chat in the sb so do you all have the sb locked or something? Also this site seems kinda dead it has the coolest layout and badges I give that a 10/10 the name is dope weed thats a 8/10 but it seems dead like I said. I would like to make it more active but I dont wanna work my butt off getting people to sign up and then its still dead so could I hit up the ower to work out a deal or something? Thanks iTzKevinFTW.
  3. Its good fun like all ways online or offline I keep my self amused.
  4. Hey all iTzKevinFTW (For The Win) here and I seen this cool site and figured id sign up. Some of you may know me in the modding community or from . Id also like to say you all have the coolest website layout I have ever seen some how its better then xbox's layout when that's what it is based off of lol.