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  1. What you can try is extract the .variant file from within the Reach/H4 gametype container with X360 modding software, such as Horizon... and then move that file straight into the local gametypes folder in MCC. Then apparently the MCC game will convert the .variant straight to the new format. I haven't confirmed this yet so not sure if will work, but you can give it a try if you wish to do so.
  2. Gametype

    You can do a search to find these variants with the appropriate tags, like "mythic" or "mod" etc.
  3. Gametype

    So tried loading Mythic in MCC Customs lobby on my PC... I can see it in the file share, however it's not visible in gametype selection. If it uses a non standard category on X360, then MCC doesn't recognize it perhaps? Edit: I don't see Invasion in Customs either... is this also the case with anyone else?
  4. Soon as the update drops and Reach is released, I believe.
  5. Looks like migration happening next month. Get your mods and other cool stuff on fileshare now if you haven't already. Recent tweet from 343i: + Waypoint post: LEGACY MAP AND GAME TYPE MIGRATION TO MCC
  6. I get this problem now as well, no output file when trying to decode/encode... ???
  7. If some cheeky bugger has the gametypes sitting on their X360 Reach fileshare now... then expect them to appear in MCC Reach.
  8. Latest MCC dev blog shares details about all gametypes and maps placed in users fileshare on Xbox 360 being transferred to MCC, which will occur once (most likely) in a 24hr period, for each file type respectively. Now is the time! Gather as much worthwhile modded gametypes as possible and upload to your fileshare so we can bring it all over to MCC.
  9. Campaign Falcon variants can be spawned on Forge World using the Mythic Slayer gametypes by 7ime. Note: Requires some forging with the modded gametype first.
  10. So I gotta ask... is this (potentially) coming to Reach PC/Steam edition?
  11. Gametype

    Hmm... I might have a backup copy of the file hidden somewhere on my PC.
  12. .MAP

    In regards to the hidden vehicle variants (those thought to be only available in Campaign), you can spawn these on Forge World with the Mythic Slayer gametypes, made by the Megalo modder 7ime. The best thing about this is you don't need a modded XB360, and you can use this over XBL, as it's all done through a gametype file.
  13. With a XIM adapter, you can fully customise your button mapping. Only issue is... you will need a second (wired) controller plugged in, so it will bypass the security.
  14. Alright, these games are on BC as of today. Apparently Halo 1 Ann. is playable with disc only, and the rest are digital.