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  1. General

    Finally done renovating my setup! My rooms dirty BTW. Also my cat tore up the blinds so he can look outside...
  2. Why is it that no one cares about Halo nowadays? I can't get anyone I know to sit down to play any Halo games.

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    2. OrangeMohawk


      I play Halo with my co-workers a few nights of each week over XBL on our 360s. We usually have 4-6 people playing but have had up to 8. You just have to find the right people to play with.

    3. weighta


      Nice OrangeMohawk. Ya, I think bungie is better than 343, I love Halo 3 to death. When i was about 8, I would love to come home from school and play Halo 3 Forge. It was bomb.

    4. connorlawd


      Bungie can fade for all I care. I love Halo just as much as I always have even with 343 in charge.

  3. Oh sh*t my bad. Must be because I extracted straight from the DVD. Thanks bro!
  4. Keep getting errors in Assembly when I apply the patch. Yes I am running in Administrator mode.
  5. General

    Archloader is supposed to do that, after that go launch Halo 4 Network Test and it'll work.
  6. If you don't like this games OST then F*ck you!
  7. Support

    Are your meta id's the same?
  8. Got a WD WD2500BEVT off a friend for 10 dollars. Hope this one doesn't break.

    1. The404Spartan


      I don't trust newer 2.5" mechanical hdds.

  9. Tried to price match a PS4 at Best Buy and Walmart and I have never been more disrespected in my whole life.

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    2. The404Spartan


      Reballed a new CPU, did it cost much?

    3. adamgm10


      Oh no I got a new CPU for my PC and bought a new drive for my RGH,

    4. The404Spartan
  10. Never use Western Digital External Drives! Just lost pretty much everything for my RGH...

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    2. Akarias


      @AMD wds stuff is good, but the consumer stuff sucks. Just got another 2x2tb set of red pro drives for my server.

    3. CabooseSayzWTF


      Let me hope in. Heres what you do to fix a wd drive, it's simple as it is brilliant. I had to do this due to corruption. Search for disk managment on your computer via search bar. Open app. Find your drive and delete every partition. Create a new partation and name the vaolume and make sure you format it for fat32.

    4. adamgm10


      Yeah I really want to save my stuff, I had personal files as well on it. WD support is bad, they never messaged me back. This is a headache.

  11. Halo's gone CoD so no thanks, but Fallout 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be awesome.
  12. Well lucky for me a friend had a spare Comcast modem for me to borrow so I can download this tonight and play it in the morning.
  13. Would love to play but I won't have internet for another 3 days at least. I have my phone as a hot spot but I need to update my Xbox One (2gbs) and god knows how big the game is. It takes an hour to download a 200mb file on my LTE so it would take forever to download the update for my Xbone and download ODST.
  14. I found a Picture of my Halo 3 stats I took on before they removed everything. Now I remember why I never went passed recruit... Young me was an idiot!