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  1. Support

    What do you mean "swap weapons?" Do you just need the game to give it to you ala like how CTF swaps you to a Magnum? If so, you have to also reference the weapon before the main script portion or the game wont give it to you. If you just need a weapon to "spawn in" then I'd only imagine using what's going on in the gametype to determine if an ordnance/weapon should spawn in and not referencing the player. Maybe the score, or which "event" is active.
  2. Gametype

    Cashew stated that resupplies don't respawn. If ordnances aren't respawning, I'd suggest having weapons only specific to phases and assign them the proper phase.
  3. Gametype

    Ok, so I walked around with a buddy showing him some things and seeing if any issues occur. I found 2 more things: -For some reason I was able to see the Oddball detach from the Beacon if the flag was dropped and immediately picked back up (juggling). My other buddy couldn't see it but I could. If the Beacon was dropped again, the ball would instantly bee-line straight to the beacon, along with a trail of it's effect. Only aesthetically unappealing is all. Think it may be a host/non-host issue. -We were on the same team, and after the round ended, we didn't switch sides. We stayed on offense. Not sure if that happens because there was no "defense" team or not, but I'd still like to mention that anyways.
  4. Gametype

    Just out of curiosity, how does the game determine who "wins"? Is everybody applied with a numeric stating which team they are on at the start of the round and if their team wins the round that player gains a point? It makes sense so people who got converted over to the opposing team and that team wins (due to everyone being on that team) wouldn't get a win for nothing.
  5. Gametype

    No biggie. I mean the Capture zone for the Beacon gets a little arrow but no navpoint. It's really a non-issue. But the reason I stated the Ordnance markers issue is because if someone is dead upon a new phase starting, they will more than likely not ever see the markers. That's why I feel 10-15 seconds is reasonable. Another thing, I liked how you attached an Oddball flickering red to the Beacon to simulate a light. Pretty cool. All the extra callouts and such, I loved. (Especially after the 2nd phase started and he announced new weapons and such spawning; Cool level +1000). 1 more issue I found is the recovery rate of the "Territories" is 1 second per 2 seconds of game time. If that's personal preference, that's fine, but Reach's Invasion used 1 second recovery for every second, so you need to halve it if that's not the case. Also, as it should be mentioned: Just like in Reach, each Invasion variant NEEDS to be named with the corresponding map so people know what the objective order should be. Such as Invasion: Invertex (or whatever that map was) on (whatever that map was). The default may not work with everyone's maps unless it's set up appropriately or every phase has every type of objective placed on the map. This is just a formality for future forgers.
  6. Gametype

    Just noticed a slight issue that I don't know if people care to think about. If you use the "Assault" phase, you can only adjust the Detonation or "Fuse" time, and the Disarm Time. Is it automatically set to 5 Seconds for the Arm Time to arm the bomb? Issues: -Teams option needs Locked. -When going to the final phase on Invexion with default settings, I noticed there was an Ordnance waypoint marker for something on the map and then it disappeared. The capture zone has no waypoint so idk if it was supposed to stick as that or if the waypoint went away. I have no clue. -Ordnance/Weapon markers: Need to stay up for probably 10-15 seconds. As-is I barely get a good look and the markers disappear.
  7. Modding

    I wonder *if* Halo 2 Anniversary is being developed that the multiplayer will be a beta for H5.
  8. General

    I just realized this and couldn't figure anything out on it, but is there a possibility that that specific area of the HUD would work for widgets as well? I understand people have tried bottom-middle and left sides of the HUD, but I'm assuming unless it's a valid value for a widget then it just defaults to the bottom-middle. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, when John-117 gets the HAVOK Nuclear Device (bomb) in the final mission, there's what appears to be a widget displayed on the upper-right side of the screen, along with a corresponding icon (nuclear) indicating that you are carrying it. Can this location somehow be utilized for widgets as well? Has anyone even thought of this or tried?
  9. General

    I figured you'd say that. I'd understand that you couldn't access the mini-view on the upper-left side, but the reason that widgets couldn't be placed in other accessible places is beyond me. I just thought I'd throw that suggestion out there for someone who may be wondering.
  10. General

    Your #1 actually works in-game. It's an Extraction Banner for the HUD, however it's incomplete, so the color is white instead of a transparent blue. And there's no animation.
  11. Gametype

    You can just set weapon damage to 0 in-game and lock the option, couldn't you? That way if people try to use different weapons, it won't break the gametype.
  12. Gametype

    No idea. However, if that doesn't work, you COULD give everyone a plasma pistol, set the damage for it to 0, set fall damage to 0, and just do a check on a player's shields. If the shields are less than 95% (to be safe), then it's assumed the player was tagged, since a melee would be the only thing that could do damage. So you could then use that condition to determine if a player was tagged.
  13. Gametype

    What about using: DamageReportingType:--->Generic Melee Damage Couldn't you use it as a condition to see if anyone received damage via melee and then apply the proper Freeze to said player?
  14. Support

    I'm unsure how you have backfield spawning working internally, but maybe if I throw an idea out at you then it COULD work: Attach an "area" to the camera when it becomes active Spawn at either your "backfield" or "current phase" spawn Move player to fireteam bro's attached "area" Maybe something of that sort could work? Of course this is assuming that your fireteam bro is still alive and you can figure out how to differentiate whether you want to backfield spawn and away from your Bro. Probably assign a loadout to your Bro spawn and do the above? Idk honestly. Just throwing ideas out there.
  15. Gametype

    I understand that. I was simply stating I was solo and all the flags were Red. I was just unsure if this is the same as when playing out a match with 2 teams or not in case it was an issue with assigning colors properly or not, because they should be colored gray by default.
  16. Gametype

    Thunder, just because I feel it's needed, I have a couple suggestions for you: -Add in a 4th Statistic for "Captures". It just feels more complete knowing who not only stood in the hills for what amount of time, but who was able to finalize captured territories. -Assign a point value for people who capture a territory. I'd like to say assign the "Flag Captured" medal and adjust the point value to 50 points. -Any teammates that controlled a territory that DON'T get the Capture, and your team does without the enemy touching it or the timer getting back to it's max, should all get a "Capture Assist" medal. (If I die holding a hill for 13 seconds and a teammate goes in 2 seconds later, captures it in 5 seconds, he gets a Capture, and I get a Capture Assist). -I was only able to test solo, but when I did, all the flags appeared as Red (I was Blue). I'm unsure if it does this when multiple teams are active, but if so, the flags should spawn as gray (neutral). Other than that, I didn't find any issues. I couldn't really find any other things that could be added without making it too weird, either. Just a couple small things.
  17. Support

    So is the Nuclear symbol from the Campaign unusable in Multiplayer as well as the position it appears at for a widget? I figured something must be able to be placed there if there is in the campaign. Just the fact that the symbol doesn't appear as usable is weird.
  18. Modding

    I'd love to Beta test sometime. I don't play much H4 anymore and I'd like a reason to.
  19. Modding

    Hmmm, maybe there's a way to circumvent it? ------>Check if player has Thruster ----------->If Yes, assign a Timer to the player of 3-5 seconds (whatever the recharge time was in Reach) ----------->Check if player uses Thruster Pack ----------->If he does, start counting down the timer ----------->Automatically refill the AA energy instantly (allows 2nd usage) ----------->Check if Thruster pack is used a 2nd time (possibly assigning a numeric to the player?) ----------->Check if timer is still active. If so, cancel out the Auto-refill. I can't think of a way to immediately put this into a proper action and condition list, but I assume you could probably use numerics to keep track of the usage of Thrusters to dictate if an auto-fill of the AA energy should happen or not, based on the AA energy refill timer happening in between thrusts. (Using 1 thruster and waiting 5 seconds to use 2 more). Idk, just an idea.
  20. Modding

    Couldn't you adjust the Energy Use Modifier to 0.50 so a Thruster would technically use half the energy, thus allowing 2 thrusters per full charge? I understand it affects ALL players, but if it works, I'm sure you could just do a check on a person's AA and if they have Thruster Pack to adjust their Energy Use Modifier to 0.50 so other player's don't get affected if they have other AA's.
  21. Support

    Probably would've been better to put the icon picture as well as the associated name. I'd like to see what the parachute one looks like.
  22. Modding

    That's because the Sniper Rifle itself has no bloom. The "blooming reticle" is just for looks and has no bearing on any actual bloom the sniper "may" incur. Thus, I'm going on a limb saying there is no way to get rid of the effect because it may be a hard-coded element for the weapon.
  23. Gametype

    Immediate Issue: Can only play this gametype on maps that support Dominion. Kinda cuts down the quality of it drastically. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, so after messing around with this, I have to say that this is probably the most polished custom gametype I've ever come across! However, with that, I've managed to find 2 things that are somewhat bothersome that I feel would polish it up a bit more. -Cores in Each Reactor Option: It would probably be beneficial to add a visible numeric value onto the "Defend" waypoint per team to indicate how many more cores are needed before a warhead is primed. I'd assume use this options current value so it displays the number needed, and after each core is captured, to decrease that value by 1 until it hits 0, in which the value will just disappear or show 0. -Option for Phase Cycling: I've noticed that once you complete the first phase, the game goes into the second phase, which is normal. However, completing the second phase does nothing and requires constant warhead "detonations" or protections ala Generator Defense. It would be nice if there was an option that would send the game BACK to phase 1 for the team that completes their objective. This means a team would have to re-capture beacons in order to get another warhead. I thought this was how it was going to work, but was disappointed that it doesn't. Is it dependent on the amount of captured beacons? (3 beacons means 3 warheads?) Or is it just going to stay in phase 2 until game end? An option to cycle this would be great.
  24. Modding

    Don't need to oVR. Can easily mod Dominion gametype for 1 second "resupplies" and remove the callout for it. Each second gives a point.