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  1. Audio

    *DISCLAIMER: This is FANMADE. I do not own the rights of Halo and this has nothing to do with the official soundtrack* I would like to announce a project I've been working on: The Fanmade Halo 6 soundtrack. I am looking forward to creating a full soundtrack with new themes for The Banished, More Blue Team Suites, Osiris Suites and new additions. It will also include influences from the original themes. Here is the first track, it's called Him. You will notice the 117 motif along with a twist on the iconic Halo theme in the beginning. Let me know what you guys think about it, feedback is appreciated Halo 6 Fanmade Soundtrack: Him (Opening) My Soundcloud Thanks!
  2. A project I'm working on
  3. Recently I have started to look into Halo 5 glitches, out of map tricks and all of that 'retail' stuff since I just moved to a new country and unfortunately, could not take my RGH with me But I got an XBox ONE recently. I was playing the infamous Breakout refresh, which well, personally I am not a fan of full shields but atleast the playlist is ranked. 343 removed the old maps, and added '2.0' versions. I've found 3 out of map glitches so far which 2 of them were actually discovered by me. The 3 maps are Altitude 2.0, Gambol 2.0 and Trench 2.0. I've put the links to the videos below. Altitude 2.0 Gambol 2.0 v TANK v had already found a Gambol 2.0 out of map glitch, but it got patched. Originally you just had to spam the thrust button and eventually you will land on the ledge from where you spawn below. For some reason it does not work anymore, but no worries I found a new one. Enjoy these glitches while they are not patched and stay tuned for a Trench 2.0 video!
  4. Modding

    I believe in Ksoft you can just edit the debug text. You get Ksoft.
  5. Modding

    Im sorry but custom gametype you mean? Megalo modding? and by hub i didnt really understand?
  6. Modding

    thanks for linking my tut
  7. ooohhhh....
  8. Support

    Oh yeah true
  9. Support

    Wait a second, you swapped the hlmt, not the mode... Actually the hlmt isnt the model, the mode is... so swap the mode as well
  10. Other

    To be honest i wouldnt like that, but for the animations of bipeds (jmad) it would be cool
  11. .MAP

    Lol yeah, i guess you adding the reach fix to your tut will satisfy many people's dream of having ai battles in mp without shooting ai out of a pistol... all in halo reach
  12. .MAP

    Lol ikr i figured it out myself though pretty simple. First i thought Bungie didnt change the tag names for the spawn point from Halo 3, but they made it mp_spawn_point so yeah.
  13. Support

  14. Support

    Wait a second, so editing the .hsc is possible?