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  1. .MAP

    If you could reupload this, it would be most appreciated Thank you in advance for anything.
  2. Same with mine, I rarely use it as I mostly have been just doing mods on my JTAG. For a bit I was tempted to get an XSATA, but I'm happy with my Xport nonetheless.
  3. Maybe I'll check it out then! Exactly man I still have my Xport 360 from Datel If you are referring to my AIO program I only ever released it on Se7ensins and here, but I'm guessing you're referring to the one wtfisupwithmyname is talking about. Also I am going to release un updated version of this AIO tool soon. I'll update the link when the time comes.
  4. Exactly, in one way or another, especially with forge and modding together and RTE, it feels like a sandbox almost.
  5. Thanks man. I plan on it. I browsed around as you suggested and saw some intriguing tutorials and other things. For me, modding the halo series does not get old.
  6. Hello there XboxChaos members. Not too long ago I wrote this All in One modding tool for the Halo Series. I am from Se7ensins and a member asked me if I would share my program over here as this site is known for Halo modding. Halo 2-4 AIO Mod Tool Intro/Description: .....After noticing the recent revival in Halo 3 because of the game being offered as a free download for Gold Members on Xbox Live, I found myself wanting to mod the Halo Series like the good old days. I looked to some of the forums for downloading links to programs I used to use and a lot of the links were down. I remembered I still had a lot of programs on my old dinosaur Compaq and thought of adding new links. Instead of that I figured I would compile these tools into one executable so that I and other halo modders can have all of the programs at easy access. .....The tool itself has four Menu Tabs at the top of the program with each having buttons to activate programs or sub-menu's which lead to more programs. Various programs include tools for modding usermaps and .Map files. You may need .Net Framework installed for these programs to work properly. I currently have versions 1, 1.2, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 installed on my computer. I was testing around with my old computer and it appears the only ones you need installed are 3, 3.5, and 4. I made the program using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 in Virtual Basic. It should be noted that I have included the source code in a text document within the download. I feel that people new to programming such as myself can learn from it and can use it to make their own AIO tool if they like. I would like to also note that there is a text document containing installation instructions as well as a reiteration of the disclaimer below. DISCLAIMER: It must be noted that I did not create or assist in the creation of any of the amazing tools in this AIO mod tool. I only made the AIO Tool itself. I cannot stress this enough that my part in this project is more than miniscule and credit should be given to the people who made the tools in the first place. I reiterate this disclaimer in the README file of the download. Most if not all of the programs within this AIO Tool have their own README's or "About" tabs which tell of each tool's creator(s). Again, the only thing I created in this download is the AIO Tool Itself. VIRUS SCAN VIRUS SCAN 2 DOWNLOAD I also want to point out that when running this tool as Administrator, all programs that are opened within the tool are ran as administrator. The only program I know of that should always be ran as an Admin is Xport 360.