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  1. General

    i just own this RGH 2 Triple nand i made a year or so ago...
  2. um... im the only joker here.....
  3. m1992 welcome back my friend if you need an rgh or anything let me know ( free of charge )
  4. welcome MANG
  5. .MAP

    is that a UFO?!?!?! looks just like mine and halodudes from our channel Darkfallmodders haha!
  6. Gametype

    thats pretty epic not going to lie
  7. Gametype

    thats cool thanks
  8. was trying to Google this a few weeks back and had no idea everything i have ever needed is all under your posts Zedd your a true legend thanks once again
  9. Modding

    copied and pasted into text doc lol ... i was just doing this for my own notes... thanks Zedd
  10. very well put together tut for just typing Zedd lol great job
  11. Hello, im new to these forums but i hope to help out as needed. i have build a few jtags/rgh/rgh2.0/triple nand consoles for friends and myself i used to own a dev kit back in early halo 3 days. i run a pc/mobile repair shop where i live in canada and plan on helping out a few forum members with there broken devices sadly im very busy at all times but if anyone ever needs me to beta test maps/anything feel free to msg me here is a few low quality pictures of my current triple nand rgh 2.0 trinity slim with led mods i prefer to have fixed nand cable on the top of my consoles leds on thanks for having me and hope to see some of you on xlink happy modding
  12. .MAP

    detailed tut thanks was having problems looking for this tut
  13. havent seen one made like this before but cool