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  1. General

    It was implemented so that you could set loadouts separately based on Biped. It was done for UI purposes to get Invasion loadouts to work.
  2. Support

    When Timer is 5 And numericscratch0 is 0 *Do whatever you want* Set numericscratch0 to 1 Since the first two conditions using "and", the trigger won't work if the second condition is false (if numericscratch0 isn't 0), and the end of the trigger sets numericscratch0 to 1, which allows the trigger to activate once for a tick when the timer hits 5.
  3. Support

    Yeah, it used to do nothing and then it became the explosion's reference when the explosion was patched in.
  4. Support

    I found this in Assault... <E type="Action" name="CreateObject"> <Param type="ObjectTypeIndex">odd_confetti</Param> <Param type="ObjectReference" varRefType="ExplicitObjectType" dataType="GlobalObject2" /> <Param type="ObjectReference" varRefType="ExplicitObjectType" dataType="GlobalObject0" /> <Param type="ObjectFilterIndex">NONE</Param> <Param type="CreateObjectFlags">0</Param> <Param type="Point3d" /> <Param type="NameIndex">NONE</Param> </E>
  5. Support

    What about by using playerpressedbutton and then reducing the monitor movement speed and turn radius?Shouldn't be a problem if only 1 player is forging. There has to be a way to change monitor speed...
  6. Support

    They released a WumboScript Viewer yesterday
  7. Support

    Store the player as globalplayer1 when he drops the ball or dies with it using a VariableOperation Then compare the ownerteams of globalplayer0 (the current carrier) and globalplayer1 (the last one) using a comparison condition.
  8. Gametype

    I think the game automatically ends the round when all but 1 team run out of lives.To make it work, you'd have to have unlimited lives and use some roundabout scripting to set players that die to have no lives and to give each team 1 point for victory conditions, which ends the round because that's the scoretowin. You can use a userdefinedoption as a "lives" option.
  9. General

    That command doesn't work at runtime. I've tried it. From what I've heard, you'd have to use Megalo to spawn an idenical weapon and use the nevergarbage createobject flag. You'd have to use spawn sequence for the spawn time using timer's. The weapon would act like a static spawn but you wouldn't be able to change spare clips. I might work on it later.
  10. General

    I have a feeling that if you use Objective Ordnance, it won't display the Drop Recin warning since the gametype can't predict it (like in Dominion).
  11. Support

    So since the Legendary flames are armor, it'd be impossible to use them with Megalo?
  12. General

    Something I was trying to do with Custom/Classic CTF was adopt the larger text. I tried that one, and it didn't work Couldn't I use the ObjectIsInBoundary Condition to set the navpoint, its priority, and its text? That's how I was thinking callout zones could be done.
  13. Gametype

    I mean if you see the player, you know he has the bomb. In pre-Halo 4 CTF, you can see the flag in his hands or on his back, despite there being no waypoints. That's what I'm getting at. There needs to be some indication if the player you're shooting at has the bomb or not.Normally, you'd see them holding it or see it on their biped, but since it looks ugly when attached, it's better to just change the carrier's color
  14. Gametype

    But how will the enemy know if there's no waypoint?
  15. Gametype

    I'd recommend attaching it, using objecthide on it, and then changing the carrier's color as a visual indicator, since I can't get it to look good right now.