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    Modding Dead Rising is all i really do.

    Collecting Devkits and beta builds in my spare time. Crushing Dreams one day at a time.

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  1. Been a minute.

    1. weighta


      A minute or forever?! ;)

  2. Map by @Lehvak
  3. I've been doing a couple things in halo on my second channel ... Jesus Christ why is the video preview so damn big.
  4. Dem reflections though
  5. Haven't been here in a while.
  6. .MAP

    Is there any good reason why my camera is like 40 feet above my bipd when i drive it? the camera is set to bipd_follow_camera and everything seems correct .... ?
  7. General

    to address your point on how it is with the community, I agree that to teach the community, keeping info to yourself isn't the best idea, but not everything deserves to be given out. Not everyone wants your ideas and help for a good purpose, some are mostly there to steal your shit and get away with it. If someone learns how to do something, its their work, its their choice if it should be world wide or safely kept to them selves, nothing wrong with that. Causes a delay? sure it does, can you complain? like hell you can't, not your choice to make the decision in that case, Is waiting a year so bad when it means you will EVENTUALLY get what you want? On the subject of beta builds, those are usually bought, and not just given. Besides a few extremely over generous people out there, i cannot count on the palm of my hand more than 10 individuals who like giving out what they bought. Would YOU leak something you paid 400 dollars for? no you wouldn't, that would be retarded. Is it fair for someone to withheld info about the build, or the build its self, of course it is, they paid for it. Generosity gets you far, but that's your choice, This community, no, the mod community in general is all a bunch of cats and dogs, no two people can agree without a fight starting
  8. General

    Confused Jon Travolta is the only meme that matters
  9. Haven't posted here in a really long time.. I did something i've wanted to do since i found out it CAN be done. It's just taken a really long time to do.
  10. what the fuck did i just read.
  11. General

    1gb DEV XNA XDK with grey sidecar xenon review kit xenon Demo kit zephyr XDK Falcon JTAG DEX PS3
  12. I don't mod halo anymore or as much as i used to, so i gave elites flaming?