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  1. Modding

    So I wanted to add new textures on top of the old ones, browsed over the textures but i did not found something like this like I expectd but something like THIS? is this just how textures look in the guts of the game?
  2. So I was wondring if anyone here would link me to Sandbox or Foundry's forge pieces texture meshes, I'd like to have a look at their textures... atleast to some of the pieces like walls and stuff. Does anyone have a dump of them here?
  3. Do you thing we'll have something when H5 releases? maybe some simple usb modding for retail consoles like with Megalo gametypes...
  4. Hey I see myself there!
  5. Gametype

    But why would OIAH enable it, WHY? I'm joking haha, nice job Cashew
  6. Gametype

    This vid made me cry... of joy! Only thing I dislike is I saw some flags in there but whatever. Now we just need to get some good maps done.
  7. Gametype

    Looking fordward to see some gameplay!
  8. Support

    You could filter through each object, check if they are a vehicle (ObjectIsSameType) and give them an invisible boundary (I'd suggest the sphere type). You can give each vehicle type a custom boundary, so ghosts and scorpions won't have the same boundary volume. Just check if the player is inside the boundary and apply the traitset.
  9. Yeah, that'd be it.
  10. Is there any way to spawn a single stationary gauss/rocket turret without the warthog itself attached?
  11. That's it, I got it to work on players but objects don't seem to display the text at all, just the icon. Anyone got it to work?
  12. Gametype

    hehe no problem, that's what beta releases are for
  13. Gametype

    Now that I remember I'm 100% sure you could spawn on your bro while capturing a territory, it was a basic strategy withn the gametype. As for 3 players = 6 players, it's really balanced as these three players would have to belong to different fireteams each. Plus... Go to 2:07
  14. Gametype

    Uhmm, pretty sure I have had people spawn on me when capturing territories. Are you saying it's exclusive to Boneyard?