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  1. Support

    You mean like this?
  2. Support

    in ricochet the rico_spawn tag FORCES players to spawn in spawn points within the spawn zone. should check that out
  3. Gametype

    V2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  4. Modding

    What kind of stuff you think can be done with it?
  5. What does the 2d navpoint set in the skybox look like?
  6. Gametype

    heh, at that point you have Invasion territories
  7. Modding

    Exception while game variant processing Ran out of free space! What is wrong? How do I fix it? Have I exceeding the amount of triggers or something?
  8. Modding

    Yeah having a reach version and standard halo 4 version as 2 seperate gametypes makes most sense. for vehicle spawning I suggest using dominion vehicle pads so that people can see that a vehicle will spawn there instead of it randomly appearing
  9. Support

    You can transfer once every 3 months. Plus rgh can run unlinensed dlc just like xbla games. Idk the specifics b/c I don't have one but that is one of the things you can do with such a console.
  10. This would use Ricochet as a base but Grifball design. Basically recreate Football entirely. At the start of a round the QB has the ball and can throw it. All players can sprint except for linemen. Running the ball to the endzone is worth 6 points. Trowing the ball through the hoop is worth 1 point. Jumping is disabled by default(max gravity) but when going for a field goal the defense can jump to try and intercept. Probably have the gravity traits not applied when the QB is holding the ball so that way when it is throwabe the defense can intercept it. Set all the yard lines on the field as hills with user data set to -50 to 0 and 0 to +50 and check where the ball is and by which team to determine if they get a first down and how much yardage was covered. Each round is 4 min. 4 rounds total. Just need to conceptualize a way to reset the field mid round. Spawning the players and balls around the map, etc. IDK i thought the idea was cool and worth sharing.
  11. Gametype

    You should totally come back. Halo needs the modders to influence the direction of the franchise!
  12. Modding

    are you going to have vehicle bays that spawn vehicles once the phase/base is captured? maybe even have switches to do it too?
  13. Gametype

    status update?
  14. Gametype

    Can you add plot support to KoTH? That would be amazing then we have both styles of gameplay.
  15. Modding

    Think about it this way. This is the last Halo for 360. The install base is already so high. Many people will not be adopting next gen consoles so Halo 4 will be what those people will stick to. With mods like this, Halo 4 can be the definitive Xbox 360 Halo experience. I think that alone will leave enough of a mark on the community. Also consider the bigger picture: this is the ONLY game where modders can have such an impact. It changes the landscape for the mod scene on consoles and hopefully can change Microsoft's stance on mods alltogether. Halo 5 can become the Little Big Planet of shooters if we can show 343 that there are people out there than can handle coding/scripting with the ultimate hope being support for these community creations and ideally, the release of some officiail megalo scripting tool.