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  1. Gametype

    This is awesome, thanks so much for doing this. I've been to take a whack at this with the help of programmer freind of mine but we both have been too busy latley to give it a try. About the Spawner label being to big - would you be able to fit in if you removed some of it's contents? (i.e. those custom Falcons with the Shade Turrents? They don't really fit the SvE theme). I've noticed similar alpha infection gametypes with some of the spawn label creations, Troop Hog in this Godzilla gametype here Was there not enough room for the trait zones? IMO those would be actually much more useful than the Safe Havens since you could apply them to both Spartans and Elites. Also, if you are planing to upload an update anyway and if its not too much a pain in the ass, would you mind uploading a version with the same Bloom settings as the Anniversary Gametypes? It would make the games/maps i'm planning alot more fun I think as the Elites will be using shields. Thanks again man, awsome job
  2. Gametype

    How difficult would it be for a beginner to put all these amazing features in an infection gametype? To be more specific Elites(infected) vs Spartans (survivors) Alpha Zombies (if that makes a difference).
  3. Gametype

    Any modders out there feel like making an infection version of this gametype? Alpha Zombies with Elites as zombies would be perfect. Thanks for everything 7ime.
  4. Apparently 343 is now saying that you will be able transfer old gametypes and such..
  5. Gametype

    Amazing work. Can you tell me off hand how much of this game type would you be able to recreate for Reach? I get the impression you have a lot more freedom with H4 when it comes to creating gametypes in megalo.
  6. Gametype

    1. Is it possible in the gametype to have more options to play around with amount of "player lives"? i.e. one team has only 1 life per round, while he other team can have more? Or maybe players start out with one life but if they destroy an object or enter a zone with a special label they are allowed to respawn, at spawn point you can choose. 2. This one is probably impossible but I'm curious if Megalo could do it - make filters (juicy, nova ect) only work in certain zones. You could then have maps where underground sections have a different atmosphere then above ground. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  7. Gotcha, does the same apply to general mods of firefight and campaign with someone playing co-op? Those AI battle videos you make are great by the way. Are those videos made in campaign or campaign maps converted to MP? What do you think about the plausibility of increasing the player cap in Firefight? I know Firefight maps have been converted to MP but I'm also curious if it could work the other way around. Could Firefight happen in forge world?
  8. Now this is interesting. Anyone have any thoughts on this being possible/impossible? .... Also, can anyone tell me if AI injected into multiplayer works for non-host players? Does it sync in Reach?
  9. If you had to guess off the top of your head, how much would you have to raise on kickstarter to get it done for H3/Reach? Hypothetically, If I was someone wealthy enough and willing - what would you need? (funds to support a team of the best modders on this site, a pro game developer, other resources.. ect)?
  10. Gotcha. If someone eventually did figure out how to bypass the player cap it would be interesting to see what the performance limits are for each halo game engine and the what is impact of variables like system link vs dedicated server, xbox 360 vs xbox one. I guess no one has even figured it out for Halo Custom Edition. Has anyone tried any 16 player games with injected vehicles and AI on Reach or H3? Does one perform better than the other?
  11. ^ Is that a limitation of the the 360, the games (maybe the later games are different?), or a problem of bandwidth?
  12. Is that an issue of not having dedicated servers or the 360 not being powerful enough? If a game with say, 24 payers was played over system link would there still be too much lag?
  13. Seeing how far you guys have come with Halo modding do you think its possible that in the future one of you could be hosting a game with 32 or more players at once? Or is the player cap hard coded in a way where you think it will never be possible?
  14. Retail

    Thanks alot - Can this tutorial be applied to modding Reach gametypes?
  15. Gametype

    Thanks for replying, 1.Sorry for not being clearer on the last part: I was thinking of spawn sequence -32 = Trait zone explosion, along with a maybe much stronger lift zone being attached to a bomb or fusion coil which would only briefly activate after the detonation of "base" object. Pretty much a big bomb to play around with. But the general concept of objects spawning/deleting after destroying a "base" object/bringing a "base" object like a core to a zone would be really big for linear infection type games. 2. I'm actually most curious about the potential of combining Matt's object chaining mod with attachments - would a wall chained behind a falcon be normal or phased? I think in Halo 4 objects that are chained have normal physics. Just having a solid platform toed behind a flying vehicle is getting pretty close to the "dropship/pelican" everybody is dying to have. I think you said you don't have enough room for the label needed for object chain mod though. 3. Is there anything in general you can do with projectiles? Is there any way to have vehicles with a certain label fire differently? 4. Your right, you could probably have the same sort of game play mechanic with mobile teleporters. In general, I love the idea of an Elite infection gametype that could at times feel like a campaign mission. Spartans going all over Forge World picking up Data Cores that could open doors to new vehicles/weapons. Elites blowing up entire bases where the surving Spartans are holding out with custom made bombs. Something cool from Strife would be the conversion aspect, but having that mechanic be centered around the destruction or capturing of an object with the biped label: for ex - Blowing up a fusion core with the label converts two Elite zombies into reinforcements, they spawn as June/Emile and fly into the map on a newly spawned falcon. thanks again