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  1. Gametype

    You probably should
  2. Gametype

    Well that sounds awesome. I'll try to give it a look this weekend
  3. Gametype

  4. Gametype

    This is awesome. I'll be playing this mod and Invasion this coming weekend for footage and stuff. Btw Cashew, this gamemode has maps that are meant for it. Playing it in any other map wouldn't make the gametype as fun. Here are the 4 maps meant for PREY.
  5. Gametype

    The original was by Just One Player right?
  6. Gametype

      That's awesome. Can't wait for the release
  7. Gametype

    Do you plan on making a version of this gametype that copies Halo Reach's Territories? The one with symmetric territories where two teams will battle for neutral territories instead of taking turns. I'm working on a project in forge but it won't function properly without neutral territories.
  8. Gametype

  9. Gametype

    I am going to play the hell out of this. Great job, Cashew!
  10. Gametype

  11. Gametype

    This is awesome. I will be playing this tonight!
  12. Gametype

    Nice. I hope it gets fixed soon. I'm working on a Fuse map pack that I'll be testing as soon as you fix the gametype's current issues.
  13. Gametype

  14. Gametype

    And maybe have motion sensors disabled with game loadouts by default.