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  1. General

    I'm still playing halo reach!
  2. General

    thanks! what would i use to modifiy a game type?
  3. General

    for the longest time ive been looking for some of the best remake maps of halo 3,and ive been fairly sucsesfull too. the issue that im having is trying to to make a mage type that mimics halo 3. -one of the main things is the armor abilitys: on halo 3 you could only use an armor ability once and only once but on reach you can use it all you want. I need some thing that removes the armor ability from your invintory after using it. -reticle bloom: I've downloaded game types that have the reticle bloom disabled but it only works for semi auto weapons like dmrs or magnums hopefully you guys can provide me with some helpfull advice.
  4. General

    but could it be done? can it? [can't seem to be able to scroll through this page, help?]
  5. General

    heres the link to the the map that I already made(
  6. General

    ok who has access to the game files of FNAF (so that the game type can tp the bipeds from that chess gametype around the map in the same pattern like in the real game) I need some kind of thing were if you shoot/damage an item than it spawns/despawns an object(like the lift filter when on values -5,-6 from the mythic slayer gametype)
  7. ok I've made an amazing FNAF map and I was hoping some one could make me a game type mod for the map.
  8. I lust dreped out when I was looking on the new updated site.
  9. Gametype

    can you make an ai that tp the ai-less players through out the map?
  10. I can't find the file share section on halo waypoint did they remove it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait I derped out
  11. I'm computer illiterate
  12. I need help converting a pc minecraft map to xbox. and yes it is possible. mod link: [] ps. this was made by a guy named oPryzeLP check out his YouTube channel! the map that I'm trying to convert to xbox is the well known "cops 'n robbers" map map download link: []
  13. can you get a giant zombie?
  14. since were talking about minecraft, what will they be adding in the next update assuming that you guys know?
  15. by the way I know I don't have a modded console but could you make a bow fire snowballs at high speeds and make the snowballs do increased damage?