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    Time for an update? Im 16, and I love modding! Wrestling, Soccer is life!

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  1. Hello world

    1. weighta


      Yooo!! Come back dude :'''(

  2. Have any of you been to Cedar Point before?

    1. OrangeMohawk


      Been a few years, but yeah

  3. I hate semester finals, so much stress

    1. Thunder


      Yeah not much fun.

    2. forerunner569


      I got my GCSE exams for 3 weeks.

    3. weighta


      We'll, that's very annoying indeed.

      Anyone excited for the 4th? I'm going to buy illegal fireworks at Boom City.

  4. Yes piracy talk is not allowed. Are you opening the game from FSD dash or from xexmenu and selecting the halo2 default.xex directly?
  5. Unfortunately no firefight ); I loved playing firefight.
  6. Spit is gods lube.

    1. [Iconoclast]


      Lube is gods spit.

  7. General

    My current setup Xbox 360 Dual Nand RGH(1TB), Xbox One, and a shitty ass computer(but it works for my needs )
  8. General

    yeah i think so my friend did that one time and it gave him secret computer characters
  9. Graphics

    I did not know this. Usually it is recommended to have it on there though.
  10. Graphics

    Xell is suppose to be on there... providing you have a modified console..
  11. .MAP

    It doesn't work like that.
  12. General

    No, it wouldn't. Thats like saying if I had two dicks, it would attract twice the amount of women. Its simply not true.
  13. Support

    Why not research a little bit before posting a topic for everything?