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  1. Comeeeee back boi

  2. I agree to be honest, not only for first but just for simplicity get it from your own region. But if your motherboard was cracked then thats either A) from shipping, or B ) scammed. Besides kits are hella cheap now. A mate of mine was selling a perfect jasper for 300 and 350 with sidecar. Nah I don't I sold all my xbox stuff, left the scene quite some time ago, I just lerk and watch all the creativeness on the halo modding scene. occasionally like today I post to answer some dev related questions and what not hehe. Also another thing I may add. Dev kits are still not useless. It depends on your intention. There are things that you simply cant do with a rgh that you can with a dev. Such things consist of proper knowledge on kits and your intentions but for the vast majority yes its useless lol.
  3. if you do a proper research it can be a 90-10. Personally Ive never had any issues. Can't say the same for others but i've bought and sold more than 100 kits through out my time selling and not 1 died to my knowledge. But if someone wants a kit now adays you can find them quite cheap in the states or anywhere outside china as people don't want them anymore do to xbone and other consoles. Just look around is all I have to offer.
  4. I just want to correct something here. China kits are not bad depending on who you get it from. Any research can show this. I have bought a few and resold and use personally as well for years. Literally years. pretty much had every console besides a Final slim (left the scene before these came out) and a XNA final. Not one of my kits had any issues besides a few scratches on the case. Majority of the kits are just forced broken by ports IE. Usb, Ethernet, AV, HDMI ect. Nothing internal was messed with. If the repair dude did his job properly, the kit is just as good as if it was new. The who statement about china kits are bad is just simply false. Look at the back of your xbox and tell me where it was manufactured. Bet money it states china, Canada, tiwan, and in rare cases you may find one someone else. But 80% of kits and consoles are made in china. The shipping rate is true, it takes about a month to get it and uses agencies are annoying and sometimes can be frustrating but once you get the kit its actually great besides cosmetic issues. If you want to argue this subject the go right ahead. But from a personal experience, especially from someone who used to resell them, I stand behind my claim 100%.
  5. General

    Well said zedd. I agree with you 100% and I'd you had the ability to ban them I would be all for it. It's a shame we have a community that steals, sells, and claims othe people's work. Unfortunately this has not recently been going on. It's goes back to as far as I can remember. It's sad to hear and see these things but it's what we have to live with. This is exactly why I left the xbox scene. Pc and Playstation scene is bad as well but no where compaired to xbox. I remember when everything was shared in the process of exploitation to further the progress of what we have today. But somewhere that changed to greed fame.
  6. General

    He'll yea. Been waiting ages for it. Can't wait. Loved soa!
  7. d3FKET, if you are afraid to use that xex you have, Ill give you mine. Its the same one that I gave to other people here on this site in the previous thread.
  8. (your pm box full?)

    1. D3FEKT


      I saw you commented on a post by dev ultra regarding turning a test kit into a full dev kit. You said to pm ya. Well, i have a falcon Test kit and I want to enable all features of a dev. Do you have any knowledge on the matter on converting it?


  9. Getting angry? You sure that stuff wasn't laced? I have NEVER seen anyone get angrey while on weed. I have seen people pass out or just laugh till they pass out. But never in my life seen anyone angry.... The grades bit is true, it can make you more lazy thus making you not study ect causing the bad grades. But that is only for some. In school. Weed was the only way I could pass my exams lol. I just get happy and concentrative.(Then again I do suffer from ADHD and refuse to take the medication as they are no where near safe. So weed calms my ADHD so I can actually concentrate) This is not the case for everyone I know, everyone has different effects. If weed wasn't involved. Most likely something else would have. May not be drugs but something dumb as in actions, such as vandalism ect. (He is a teenager, thats part of the life.) The cause of him being caught was his actions not the substance used. Sure it got him in trouble and made the problem worst as it is an illegal substance for non medical purposes. But the choices he took to get to that point was the main cause. If he decided to do it off school grounds, he most likely wouldn't have been caught. All im saying is, you cant blame the substance for its fault. You have to blame the person as it was that individuals choice. Not the substance's.
  10. You see, the thing isn't weed. Its that you were dumb enough to do it in school in the first place. I've done the same, got 30 days plus over 600 hours of service. (pretty sure Deadcanadian remembers that as we known each other for years) After that, I kept smoking. Now im 22, good job, good pay, great life and i still get high. Weed isn't the factor, its how you use it and where you use it. I can go on and on about my time ect. But I won't. Plus, Church will not help any type of addiction, plus, addiction to weed in general is pretty rare. Not to mention, being able to stop smoking weed is extremely easy. So your life is still together, it has never gone anywhere down hill. Its life. Shit happens. Keep in mind, im not trying to promote the substance, or encourage people to do it. If you want change, then change. Simple as that. Anyways, good luck on your life. All power to ya. Cant tell if serious, or being a smart ass....
  11. if you still have the original nand. Try re flashing it with a flasher.
  12. General

    Origin - Vonkova. PC FTW!
  13. Nice, Next step Mario Kart lul.
  14. General

    Thought I should revive this post lol. There are some things on this setup I am planning on redoing or replacing.