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  1. Support

    Ok I'll keep looking. Thanks so much for the help
  2. Support

    Thanks guys you are a big help! But...I do have one more question. Is there anywhere to go to ask someone to create a gamesave mod for me since I don't have all the cool stuff you guys do haha Nothing to crazy but I really have my heart set on Castle Draco and other huge houses.
  3. Support

    Thanks. So where can I find the best place for gamesave mods? Most of the gamesave mods I see are all god mode saves and I am really looking for a sweet houses to live in while still being able to level up. Right now I have the Dovahgolt gamesave and I love it so I am looking for more mods like that, for example I watched a video on a player house called Castle Draco and it looked amazing. Do you think I could find a gamesave mod for that?
  4. Support

    Well I would say that I am very new to modding on my Xbox 360 so I just have some questions about everything. I keep hearing about this JTAG/RGH Xbox stuff and I don't really know what it is and why I "need to have it" to mod my Skyrim. I have a regular Xbox 360 and I have downloaded two game save mods and they seem to be working perfectly fine so I am wondering what is the point of having that JTAG/RGH Xbox? I would really appreciate any help on this because I keep seeing amazing things being done with mods and I would love to be able to experience all that I can.