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  1. General

    thx for replying i think am understanding this but what about the navigation mod is stil xlink kai or is it now xbslink tryed persuading my parents to get rid of the wi-fi for a short time failed badly still going to try i'll keep on posting hope everyone in the community and forum get along
  2. General

    like i said am a complete noob to this i just wanted to ask questions learn some things from the professionals and do some stuff with xlink people cuz they can't online but still have a great time so to answer your question all i know is this xlink thing and that's it I hope you don't think any less of me because i don't know as much as everyone else in this community
  3. General

    do i need some type of cable for xlink or connect it to someone's xbox with xlink do you need some type of cable to connect into people xbox
  4. General

    but what about the xlink thing
  5. General

    hey guys am new to this so i was wondering if the cool mods on this website can be downloaded online or do some offline download them then get xbox live