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  1. FreedTerror liked a file by Lord Zedd, Font Packager   
    What started as copy-pasting code from turned into also rewriting the character de/compression code to match the games.
    Font Packager is a tool to open and manipulate the font_package.bin files used in the 360 Halos as well as Halo Online.
    View all characters in a font exactly as the game does. Add, Replace characters with various image formats, or even Delete individual characters in a font, or the entire package by unicode. Extract characters as PNG like this: or raw compressed bytes (not that there is a use for the raw bytes) Optional tinting to prevent blacks/whites from getting replaced on the HUD:
    Import character range from a font in another package. (To for example restore unicode characters to the Halo Online font package.) Import .abc files made with the SDK tool FontMaker to batch-import an entirely new font (after some extra work, see notes.) (FontMaker not included, find yours at \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Xbox 360 SDK\bin\win32) Shows the unicode and utf8 hex for each character for checking names against an Assembly LocaleSymbols.xml, as well as the ability to copy as a character to paste into Assembly: ( is this silenced ODST SMG.)
    Nothing is actually saved to the package until you click Save Changes. The larger your image, the more likely the game will start breaking unicode, so if the new character and others start showing as [] you will have to replace with something smaller. For ABC files the TGA must be converted to PNG since .Net doesn't support TGA and I didn't want to add support. Also for ABC files, for best compatibility, use a font size with a close height to the one you are replacing. In Font Packager that value is Line Height located at the top, in FontMaker that value is here:
    By default, the width of a ABC space character is set to the width of a comma, but if this is not good enough it can be changed by selecting the tiny space character and increasing its Display Width.  
    Happy modding!