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  1. General

    How much older of an update? Also what kind of mods would this allow us to do? .map or just save game mods?
  2. I was curious was anyone able to extract the models? If so is there a tutorial on how to? I'm interested in Reach and Halo 3 model extraction. Also has anyone tried importing the models in UE4 and rigging it up to the mannequin rig? I wanted to test some cool stuff for a little fan project.
  3. Support

    Can you try taking pictures of in game and posting them on here?
  4. Can somebody update me? I've been away from the modding scene in general for a while.. Last time I was here injection and AI was possible. Are we allowed to inject custom models and textures as well as possibly make custom maps as well?

    1. forerunner569


      Models not yet. Textures yes. Sounds yes

  5. When Life Gives You Pussy You Eat It...

  6. This is the finished scene to my original outline test. ‚Äč
  7. .MAP

    Any pics is better then none.
  8. .MAP

    Can you please add some pics or videos?
  9. Video

    This video is rendered at 4K resolution so your computer cant handle it I recommend turning down your YouTube settings for resolution. Last thing we want is all of y'alls computer crashing due to it not being able to handle 4K.. Outline Animation Test. So basically like said this is outline only animation. I plan on coloring and making a background later and I will post once done. This is all testing stages. Tell me what you guys think!
  10. Once you go 4K you could never go back.. Just upgrade my PC and bought a 4K monitor and my God its fucking glorious.. I can never look at 1080p the same...

    1. adamgm10


      What's your specs?

    2. EHEBrandon


      @adamgm10 Sorry for the real late reply..



      CPU: i7 5930K

      GPU: Titan X

      RAM: 16 GB DDR4

  11. What? <.< I have a Xbox 360 (Halo 4 Edition, Halo Reach Edtion, Falcon White JTAG, Flashed Black Jasper, Falcon Dev Kit, Xenon Test Kit), PS3 PHAT (Completely Backwards Compatible), PS4, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, and a lot of older systems and handhelds... So of course I have Halo 3.. <.< If that's what you were intending... Its just PC is the superior platform specially when you have a pretty good rig. Also thanks everyone else. I'm glad to see the positive feedback so far.
  12. So I made this today.. Let me know what you guys think.
  13. So for any PC gamer this will either be a issue or a good idea to people since it encourages modders to come back and make more.. Me personally I hate this... It needs to stop now before it gets out of hand... Modding should be done for fun and not for profit... You should enjoy the fact that your bringing content to the community.. Its one thing to ask for donations.. But to pay for mods like its a DLC is just wrong... I don't see how this was a good idea to begin with.. The best part and strong point of PC was that mods were free and that it wasn't as big of a deal in games as it is for consoles.. Unless the game doesn't have mod support of course... But I find this ridiculous!
  14. Holy crap this looks awesome I cant wait to see a release! Even with some AI flaws it doesn't ruin the experience of the mod. You can tell a lot of work and time was put into this mod of yours and for that I solute to you!
  15. Man I wonder what would happen if Model extraction/injection would make once or if its possible. o.o I cant wait to start building custom maps like in Halo 2 modding if it ever happens.