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  1. General

    se7sins is just full of cheaters that mod for the sake of cheating, unlike us that mod to expand the fun of this game.
  2. Graphics

    What is it cos it was on my xbox once when i turned it on
  3. I dont know if this is the right place for it but you guys need to download the404spartans map mod and tamper with it. I have been trying and i believe if we can get even more mods on there we could make it better e.g. A.I. or just generally making it better.
  4. Support

    ok sounds confusing but what ever When do you think an update for it will be
  5. Support

    ok thanks sorry but do u have any idea how?
  6. Support

    I just downloaded the404spartans new map and i noticed some vehicles didn't have collisions how would you make them have collisions?
  7. i wish i could do it myself but its too hard :/
  8. happy you finished it cant wait for you to update
  9. Support

    dw now i fixxed it
  10. Support

    So i downloaded spartan404 map (the one with all the different vehicles) the game loads and then i got onto forge select the map and press play then out of no where after i've pressed play the game freezes with this pic What do i do?
  11. .MAP

    Can we get a new vid link
  12. Haha nice add with spawn vehicles
  13. Support

    Where and what is a resource cache folder?
  14. Support

    when i right click on the tag nothig happens