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  1. Xbox neighborhood was working fine for a few days. All of the sudden in the middle of rte halo, it cuts out and couldnt find my xbox when i tried to re connect. Has this happened to anyone or anybody have any solutions/ideas?
  2. Any ideas on how i can get my hands on a jtag, dev, or rgh? Please pm me. It's been a minute. I've been looking back on old videos from Deadcanadian, Doob e snack and many others. Miss those days.
  3. If anyone would like a barely used, great condition, Test Kit. Please contact me on skype @ [email protected] I do know there is a "no bst" rule so you wont be able to find pictures or pricing on here.
  4. I cant seem to find how to get my test kits cpu key. I've heard of the King Kong method but have no idea where to begin on that. I was wondering if somebody knew a way to get the cpu key from a test kit? Another thing, I installed GTA V accordingly to my 60 gig hdd but it'll load up and then once at a certain point, pause and have a blue loading bar then my xbox resets. I cant get passed it. I've patched the xexs for dev, but do not know if im doing something else wrong. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  5. Modding

    Nothing seems to work... I dont know what is going on i guess ill try alteration Edit: Is it because i'm using windows vista? Because alteration wont even open on my laptop
  6. Modding

    Lol ethernet from xbox to laptop..i guess thats not going to work?
  7. Modding

    Every time i go to poke, assembly gives me an giant list of errors. I dont know what is wrong. I have xdevkit.dll in the assembly folder as well as the root of my hdd. I have the xex patched. I put my ip address (<HOME IP ADDRESS REMOVED>) in assembly.. Can someone help me out please? Again, this is all coming back to me slowly
  8. Does anyone have it? I need it for rth
  9. General

    No seeders
  10. General

    Gamecheat showed me a link a long time ago of a website he had/knew about where it had all of the DLC content, and even some of the full Halo games (3 and reach). I was wondering if anybody happen to know this link (PM me)? Or if somebody has another link to the dlc and full game? Thanks guys.
  11. App

    Haha, what's up guys. Good to hear from ya'll. Especially the OG homies Blackjax and Thunder!
  12. App

    Thanks dude, didn't think people would remember me. Hyped to be back.
  13. App

    A test kit dude. Are you referring to the motherboard? It's a xenon.
  14. App

    Could you pm me a link my dude? Scratch that, you don't have a link huh? Oh well, i'll find one, but thanks man!
  15. Yo, I just bought a test kit and was wondering what is the newest version of Neighborhood or whatever people use these days? It's been a while since I've been here at the xbox modding scene. Any help is appreciated.