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  1. Modding

    Hi, So I've been trying to get some imported campaign vehicles to work correctly for multiplayer on the Xbox 360 and have found out that many of them are either indestructible or simply despawn you as soon as they reach 0 health. This is a problem for multiplayer matches since it doesn't count as a kill. So if anyone knows how to make vehicles such as the Pelican and the human anti-air turret destructible and kill the players inside could they post a tutorial or if it's simple could they reply with the instructions in this thread? Thanks so much.
  2. Support

    Yeah I kept unloading the link plugin and it kept reloading every time I reloaded the dash but I deleted the FSD plugin in the Plugins folder of FSD and that fixed it and also kept the link plugin unloaded and I haven't had any problems with FSD or system link.
  3. Support

    @Cserleo when you say unload link plugin do you mean the "FSD Plugin" in the FSD Plugin settings? or just uncheck "enable Link?
  4. Support

  5. Support

    Did you ever fix this cause I'm having the same problem
  6. My antivirus blocks Neighborhood so you might want to check on that
  7. Support

    That's what I thought, but destroys object was already checked, and it would despawn me every time it exploded, and when I had kills object checked it it kept me in midair like I was still in the vehicle. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? @Lehvak
  8. Support

    First off, do you have a Jtag/RGH/DevKit? If you do you should read this Also I think this thread belongs in the Halo Reach section not Halo 4, hope this helped
  9. Support

    Also when the phantom explodes I just despawn if "destroys Object" is checked and I stay in midair as if I'm in an invisible phantom when it is unchecked, any idea how to fix this?
  10. Support

    So does the animation that was already in the "seat animation" part, just not work for players?
  11. Support

    Thanks @Lehvak I just figured it out right now and I hadn't seen your reply yet. Also is there a way to put the actual phantom animations onto the map?
  12. Support

    So I imported a phantom to forgeworld, and I made it solid using @Lord Zedd's physics models tutorial, but now I can't enter it. I Checked "Driver" and "Gunner", and I unchecked "invalid for player." I even attached the turret to the driver seat marker so I could see where it was and even when I go right next to it, it doesn't show a message or anything. I can't figure out what's wrong, if anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.
  13. Xbox 360's play .XEX files, but a retail Xbox 360 won't play a modded .XEX file so you have to either Jtag/RGH your own xbox or buy one, if you have no experience soldering I would consider buying one, it took me two slim xbox 360's before I got it right and I had practice soldering on other things. I think you could buy an rgh on Ebay, but if you're gonna do it yourself, the chips could cost up to $80 give or take. Hope this was helpful
  14. @The404Spartan @Lehvak Thanks