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    fanfiction, gaming, and chicks
  1. Gametype

    ok how about this buddy my gamer tag is on the site send me a friend request and ill help ya when I can or ill just give you my map?
  2. Gametype

    what features are you using? there might be something to do with the combination of features you are using that is causing this, if your just using the spawning feature I can only suggest you try to remove more things, if your using the skybox thing that caused some issues for me, but I was able to fix that by changing the item I used to a traffic cone I am aware you directed this a trusty/ 7ime but im not sure if he knows what features will be in the next one yet, like he has stated, the mod already has so much in it and there cant be much space left (without removing things) and either way there might not even be a further advancement for the same matter as previous. but if there is going to be anything im sure we can expect it to be interesting, just like all previous variants of the gametype
  3. Gametype

    I haven't encountered this in quite some time, are you using any of the mystery spawn sequences?
  4. Gametype

    i'm sure the new system would handle the frame rate issues, but in all honesty if they sot one glitch these always gonna be more found, if they get rid of the game breaking ones then fine, but keep the fun ones. Hey, thanks for agreeing! glad someone does!
  5. Gametype

    Ah, never say never, their doing 4 in one, that cuts down the list drastically. so our chances are all but nearing certainty. you will see, just never give up hope.
  6. Gametype

    Well since I started using this game-type I have been compiling a text document of all the features included and have been updating it along with the game-type, I guess I should start posting it here; it may be easier than keeping the site on hand. Mythic slayer V1.32.txt Also now that they have confirmed that all the Xbox one halo remakes will have their own engines, do you think WHEN they do reach, this game-type will be easy to transfer over?
  7. Gametype

    if this has been asked before I apologise, but I have wondered if it would be possible to remove the falcon side turrets and replace them with a riding seat, maybe from a hog so we could use a weapon. also, I have been thinking because of halo reach's limit of 1 game type label per item, could you possibly replicate this game type in halo 4 that way we could have multiple tags per item and see what occurs. also with halo coming to Xbox one what do you think you could possibly do with the improved system and engine? also you have proven that it is possible to take other vehicles weapons and place them on another vehicle (e.g. scorpion cannon on warthog) would it be possible to do the rest of vehicle weapons? (e.g. ghost cannons, revenant mortar) like the attachable scorpion gun SS?