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    CGI, Machinima, Modding, Clans, and lots of other stuff....nuff said.

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  1. General

    I feel like the Destiny Beta was short and just not as good as people said it was going to be. I mean the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta is almost a month long and I'm stoked for it, now that is a proper beta, giving us enough time to play and enjoy it, then being able to find all of the bugs and tell the developers about them so they can fix them.
  2. Support

    Ok, so I finally got k.soft working but when I got the variant and scrolled down to Marksman, the only values I saw was <MarksmanRifle> <Value7>11.9996414</Value7> I know I can't use Horizon, and I've already seen Skill Slayer, but I still want the magnetism, plus this gives me some more experience with modding, all I need to know now is why the value isn't 16
  3. Support

    So I play Halo 4.....a lot, and I play competitively on MLG Sanctuary, today I wanted to replicate the gametype from Halo: Reach. I got all the settings right in Horizon, except for no bloom on the DMR, I noticed there was no setting for it and then I tried to search everywhere for a no bloom gametype, but all I could find was the one for Reach. So if someone could make the community a gametype with zero-bloom in Halo 4, that'd be awesome. I would myself, but I don't really want to get into modding right now, since I'm too busy with things I do.
  4. Gametype

    I highly doubt they will, since the only reason that they're making the MCC is because of Halo 5: Guardians, they want our journey to start again, all on one console, and all in one place. Halo Reach had nothing to do with the Master Chief, such as Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo Reach. So in my opinion I don't want them to put Halo Reach on the Xbox One, I think Halo 1-4 is good enough.
  5. .MAP

    Ah, much appreciated, thanks.
  6. .MAP

    So I'm stuck at one part of the tut, at the part of copying the Voxel Count in Assembly to a Hex file, do I click and drag all.....the way.......up.......for like 5 minutes or if there something I can do just to copy all of it with a click of one button.
  7. Modding

    So I'm just a little bit new to modding, but I've worked with CGI for a few months now. I was just wondering how to get the .maps from my disk to my computer. I'm pretty sure it's a data file on my Xbox hard drive, but which one is it? If you guys could help me that'd be awesome!
  8. Gametype

    Ah, aight, thanks bro, I'll be trying my best at it, thanks for the help!
  9. Gametype

    Just one quick question, would this list be talking about doing it in assembly or in the game? Because I know who to mod, but I'm not a top notch pro at it either. But the last time I checked in game, it didn't have the survivor support upgrade in there. If it isn't in there, then I'll try to mod it around a little and pop it in there myself. Thanks though
  10. Gametype

    Just a few things I'd like to ask. Can you make it so when the Mantis timer has reached 0:00, the Mantis appears in an ordnance so you can call it down when ready, or is that not possible? Also, is it possible to mod the survivor upgrade either into a loadout, or just the gameplay in general? That could make the gameplay more interesting, dynamic, and give a greater feel of Titanfall.