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  1. Support

    Ok, so I need some help on scripting (I know nothing to be honest). I really want to make AI battles and I actually tried the tutorial on making AI Squads, but in the end it was useless because I need to script them to spawn and scripting is definatelly not my strenght. So I'd like to have some help on that part, pretty appreciate it. Not just for Halo 3 but for Reach as well as it has the best AI models so far.
  2. Ok, nevermind. As of this moment, the changes finally saved. However, I had to open a map coming from the folder path in order for it to be saved. I hope it doesn't get removed when I open Assembly tomorrow.
  3. Tried it as admin, but changes still don't save. When I close Assembly and re-open it, I check the Resource Cache Folder Path and all spaces are set back to blanks.
  4. Gotta do that as soon as I get back home.
  5. What should I do to fix that problem?
  6. .MAP

    This one is fun to play. Feels good to use BR and Elite Plasma Rifle the way they used to be. BTW, the Brute Plasma Rifle works just like it used in Halo 2 (faster rate of fire and more damage).
  7. I don't have any recent files since I re-downloaded Assembly. I can't modify them if the folder path isn't set. And I'm not in read only.
  8. Like the title says, everytime I add the folder path for resources for certain games I always close Assembly. But now the program won't save the folder paths. When I look at the Map Editor Settings and I check, lets say Halo 3 ODST, the folder path is now missing and I'm forced to add it again. Why isn't it saving that data? It used to save it. Is there now a button to save data on Settings or what?
  9. help. I have the problem of "Players have not been able to download Content in Halo Reach and Halo 3 odst...


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    2. Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Then the map should load just fine.

      Also make sure to include the correct MAPINFO and other files the pack includes.

    3. omar xd

      omar xd

      And if the maps do not bring MAPINFO I have to do it.?

    4. Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Alejandro MiddleCorn

      The patch should give it to you.

      Also make sure you're naming them correctly.

  10. Looks cool. Noble Team finally get to battle in a Forerunner structure. BTW, is there any chance you can do something like this for the other maps?
  11. Support

    Same here, and I could learn some stuff. Sadly, this was not the case. Sorry dude.
  12. Support

    Not at all.
  13. So it will be released?