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  1. .MAP

    Now I did something by accident. It turns out I can inject spawn points from one map to another. Moved a spawn point from Forge World to Highlands (Grunt in this case). Guess I'll try that more frequently. Now will test if many can be injected, as I only tried so with one.
  2. .MAP

    Least individual injections? I extract each [char] tag with RAW. Does that affect too much? I say "each" for all enemies. Don't know if there's a way to extract all enemy [char] at once.
  3. .MAP

    Just one question: Do I have to save each time the tutorial says? Or can I just save at the very last moment of the edition? Like: Edited all the [effe] tag, now save. Edited all the spawn point, save. I ask because I was told it is recommended to mod with the least saves possible, but this tutorial itself tells you to save each single edit.
  4. Other

    When was Assembly's last update?
  5. .MAP

    This bit is not really true. I know because I tried myself.
  6. .MAP

    That's wierd, I don't remember ever facing Brutes on Lone Wolf. Not even in your mod. Gotta check that out now. Unless it is part of the most recent patch.
  7. .MAP

    Wait, Eviscerator on m70_bonus? As far as I remember, m70_bonus is Lone Wolf. Are Brutes found there as well or what?
  8. .MAP

    Uh, found a weird bug. When attempting to board the Hunters inside Vyrant Telecom's Tower (Club Errera) they just despawn, taking you in the process and the game thinks you died. It happened after I destroyed the jammer. EDIT: Another thing, the new Spiker/Eviscerator shoots twice and kind of wastes ammo when not having an enemy in front. It doesn't happen in New Alexandria though.
  9. General

    Lack of knowledge, practice and time. I actually tried to do so many times, but it always kept crashing so I gave up. That's why I always mod MP maps. I know a certain someone is going to complain about me but that's not part of the topic. There is a tutorial you can follow. Let's see if you're more lucky than me.
  10. .MAP

    How come the Anti-Air Wraith is found on every single level despite it not appearing in gameplay?
  11. I was never able to do such thing. Insanely hard tutorial, too much things required and, even after doing all steps correctly, crash. Still can't believe others can do this.
  12. .MAP

    Why do they have different weapons? BTW, the Spartan AI have a flag says "Revive on Death" (or similar). Just uncheck that and they will no longer revive.
  13. General

    Someone promised one about 4 years ago, but never did it. I tried to do it myself on Forge World. But it isn't perfect and lacks many stuff other AI Pgrounds have. Still has most AI there. However, it crashes after I try to add the last Noble Team Spartans, so I still need further testing or start all the way over.
  14. General

    So this explains why and how models from H2A are available for download now.
  15. .MAP

    Finally able to have a good copy of the game. Mod now working and going to test right now.