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  1. Just happened to check the thread and found this. GIMME THAT. T_T
  2. Does that mean we will have the Mythic gametypes back to MCC?
  3. General

    Yeah, noticed this few mins ago. Too bad there were quite few.
  4. General

    How did you get the flight to begin with? Nothing was announced in the Halo Forums yet. And even if you actually got it, there is no way it would work with Assembly as the new maps are entirely different coded.
  5. Support

    Now, by "all entries", what do you mean? The red, blue and green values? Or the tag blocks? I need to know what am I doing before ruining the mod and being forced to start all the way over.
  6. Support

    He didn't mention the "plugin editor" though, that's why I asked. It is obvious for expert and professional modders but I'm not one of those. Already replaced, but I initially didn't get what he meant.
  7. Support

    What is this? I don't find such thing anywhere.
  8. The title says it all. I want to make the Brute Plasma Rifle (and other plasma weaponry), but the problem I have is regarding the projectiles as they're still blue. What needs to be modified in order to make the bolts red (or any other color)?
  9. .MAP

    Assembly version?
  10. So this no longer includes the Brute Plasma RIfle?
  11. Support

    You still cannot make them to be on your team if spawned via effects due to the Megalo thing. I've been told and I've proven to myself by testing.
  12. Support

    However I guess that is only applied to AI Squads. I'm talking about AI Spawn Points.
  13. Support

    That works fine for Halo 3 though. In Halo Reach it is impossible as you cannot make AI be on your team. Is he doing it on Halo 3 or Reach?
  14. Support

    I recently uploaded a MAP mod for Forge World, which features a buggy Brute Chieftain. You can check it out. But I might upload some pics of the random tag extraction problem, as it clearly shows how much was extracted but sometimes it shows less than other extractions (of the same tag).