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  1. Looks interesting. Definatelly going to download as soon as you make it available. CE Fuel Rod Gun? That's a first now. Now I expect to see a Halo CE or H3 styled Assault Rifle or even the return of the Battle Rifle.
  2. General

    Bueno, tres cosas: 1. Para empezar nadie en éste foro te va a contestar si no preguntas en Inglés, y menos si es en Español. Y aún en Inglés es probable que quedes ignorado (pasa mucho aquí). 2. Para poder instalar mods de mapas requieres primeramente una consola con RGH o JTAG, de lo contrario no va a funcionar. Una vez teniendo la consola así, ya no podrás conectarte a Xbox Live, sobre aviso no hay engaño. 3. ¿De qué mod estás hablando? No puedes llegar y pedir que te ayuden a instalar un mod sin decir cuál es.
  3. .MAP

    I did this quite a while ago. It is cool to have the Hayabusa Spartan in the cinematics. Or yet more nostalgic, the Mark V armor.
  4. Support

    That looks good. I also worked for me and even made a level with these. Now I'm wondering if this can be done on Reach's campaign as well, and I'm not talking about Noble 6 (which is just as easy as modifying the armor in the main menu) but other Spartans.
  5. Cool mods we will never have for download.
  6. Lol, best Reach mod out of all and all DL links are broken. Wish I had this mod with me again. Lets see if I can find it anywhere.
  7. Kinda looks like H2A's Master Chief.
  8. .MAP

    Definatelly worth a try.
  9. .MAP

    Has this recieved an update since the last time I played? If yes, then I must test it again.
  10. Does it only poke?
  11. General

    Even gamesaves are impossible for Xbox One. It appears they were possible before that system update. Also, Xbox One gets updated frequently. That's why it requires Internet in the first place. MCC might be modded if it was released for PC, like Halo Wars and Halo 5 did.
  12. General

    There are also orange stripes on Chief's armour. You should fix that for next update.
  13. General

    Why 42 bullets on AR rather than 60 like CE?
  14. General

    Lets check that one then. BTW, the pics show this is cool. Gotta try this out and possibly record it for a video prev.
  15. General

    Is it possible to make this separate files? I can't download 3GB at once without getting an error on Mega.