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  1. .MAP

    Still multiplayer/forge. And I hope a tutorial for this comes soon.
  2. .MAP

    Already said this in another topic, but Pathfinding for MP is just good. More Machinima possibilities.
  3. Pathfinding for MP. That's just perfect.
  4. Sorry, it just looks so cool to keep it for one-self but still show it to the world.
  5. I supposed.
  6. They need to make H2A a separate game from MCC.
  7. GIMME THIS!!!!
  8. .MAP

    Wow, it's been a while since I've seen a cool mod This is old, but looks awesome. And better now that it has been updated.
  9. Wish we could put Halo 3 helmets on Reach. Hayabusa, for example.
  10. This is sick dude. No download?
  11. Support

    Before I start doing anything to the Grunt, I'd like to know how to add some shields to it so when used by a player, he can survive more than expected. I believe that, when playing as a Grunt, Brute, etc., after recieving certain amount of shoots he will die no matter how much time has passed. Just asking this before doing anything else. What should I do to add shielding to them?
  12. Support

    Sorry if I necropost this. What should I do to duplicate the sword class? I want to make a Spartan dual wield swords properly in Third Person. The Elite works fine, but how can I make a Spartan use his sword animation when dual wielding instead of an wierd rifle pose?
  13. .MAP

    Cool. What's changed?
  14. .MAP

    Can we get a preview of this? I might test it later.
  15. .MAP

    MiddleCorn here. What I'm doing is simple and cool for old school players who like killing Elites rather than Brutes. I'm modding all campaign levels replacing the Brutes with Elites and the Arbiter with another Spartan. Most levels don't require tag injection for most stuff, so this shouldn't be hard to finish. Not just gameplay, but also some cutscenes will be changed. This is a work in progress, and so far I have the first two levels working. You play as the Hayabusa Spartan and you have the Master Chief as an ally. You must face the Covenant in order to stop the Great Journey. But the Great Schism never happened, so Elites will still attack you while you finish the fight. Changes: Got no previews yet. IDK how to use the "camera" the RGH usually has, so I might use my old Capture Device. So far, I've done Sierra 117. Current version: v.01 Download: Help needed: Does somebody here know how to make Ultras and Zealots properly? I need help with that bit. Also, AI Master Chief spawns with Arby's weapons. If I replace them in [scnr], the Elite's Carbine will also change to whatever weapon I changed. Glitches so far: Things to add: Enjoy mission one!