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  1. Support

    Same here, and I could learn some stuff. Sadly, this was not the case. Sorry dude.
  2. Support

    Not at all.
  3. So it will be released?
  4. What an amazing work and it's a shame it won't be finished due to bad criticism. I was waiting for it to be released but... well. I hate this new age.
  5. Wut? Still good for Machinima.
  6. .MAP

    Still multiplayer/forge. And I hope a tutorial for this comes soon.
  7. .MAP

    Already said this in another topic, but Pathfinding for MP is just good. More Machinima possibilities.
  8. Pathfinding for MP. That's just perfect.
  9. Sorry, it just looks so cool to keep it for one-self but still show it to the world.
  10. I supposed.
  11. They need to make H2A a separate game from MCC.
  12. GIMME THIS!!!!
  13. .MAP

    Wow, it's been a while since I've seen a cool mod This is old, but looks awesome. And better now that it has been updated.
  14. Wish we could put Halo 3 helmets on Reach. Hayabusa, for example.
  15. This is sick dude. No download?