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  1. .MAP

    My body is ready.
  2. .MAP

    Muy buenas, comunidad del modding. This is the first release of the overhaul mod for Halo 3: The Great Schism. This mod brings some new features to the game as well as bringing back some others that went absent from previous games, mostly the reincorporation of old Elite enemies. Missions uploaded: Sierra 117, Crow's Nest, Tsavo Highway and The Storm. Next update: Floodgate, The Ark and the Covenant What's new to the mod for version 1.0: =Weapons= =Enemy encounters= =Other stuff= DL: Sierra 117 Crow's Nest Tsavo Highway The Storm =Known bugs= Credits: TheVengeful'Vadam- Testing and tips for certain weapons. Akarias- Helping me edit Brute Plasma Pistol's propierties. ShrektFam- For his idea of injecting H3:ODST's BPR shaders. =Previews (Sierra 117)=
  3. Support

    Now I'm having this problem again on "The Storm". And this time there is no specific zoneset for the Arbiter or Elites. How can I make them spawn earlier?
  4. I'm bringing some stuff to Halo 3 so it becomes more fun to play. Features so far (Sierra 117 and Crow's Nest): -Enemy Elites. This was done because, according to the lore, not all Elites joined forces with humanity and remained loyal to the Covenant. Brutes are still the main threat though. -N'tho Sroam and Usze 'Taham are now present during gameplay. This is not meant to be played 4 player co-op at the moment. -New weapons such as the DMR and Brute variants for the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol. That last one mimics the SPV3 version of it. -Weapon tweaks for AR and Magnum to be similar to CE. Needler has CE ammo count and H2's firing speed. Energy Sword can now strike on switch like Halo 2. Planned stuff: Bring back Grunts and Hunters as allies, also make ally Elites more common. Make allied Elites look similar to those from H2A's intro cutscene, with white as a secondary color. Add secret weapons ala Halo 5.
  5. Support

    Nevermind, I apparently solved it by turning all of Arbiter's zonesets. Makes sense as he's an Elite too, but an entirely different one so... I don't know now.
  6. .MAP

    You need to add the RGH or JTAG to your console. Otherwise you won't be able to play modded maps.
  7. Support

    Well so I'm trying to make Elite AI to replace certain Brute squads. While it does work for some encounters, it just doesn't for others. This is done on Crow's Nest btw, as most encounters I modified for Sierra 117 did work. For example, attempting to replace a squad of Brutes inside the barracks works fine for the most part and it also did good with the jumppack Brutes (replaced with Spec Ops Elites). But when I try to replace the Jackals in the hangar with Elites, they just don't spawn. I also tried to replace the final Brute Bodyguards with Elites, but the same effect. They just don't spawn. What is making this happen? Or what am I doing wrong? Because it works for certain encounters in the level but those specific ones just... well, don't work. I even added them to specific Designer Zonesets but they still don't spawn there.
  8. Modding

    I believe it's ready to be tested. The Latch thing removes the charged shot, btw.
  9. Modding

    It appears like the burst fire does happen but only when the AI is using it.
  10. Modding

    Yeah, figured that out already. Just need to find the correct numbers for it to waste 1.5% per shot. The other problem here is regarding the projectile spread. Changing the "Projectiles Per Shot" bit appears to change it correctly, but it still looks like it fires one single bolt, just with more damage. Also, the rate of fire can't be changed.
  11. Modding

    Yeah, that's the first thing I checked. But the values are totally different from those of the Plasma Rifle or Spiker. To begin with, most stuff that should change those entries are just zeroes. I also see nothing that changes the ammo capacity. So far I've only changed how much projectiles are fired per shot (meant to fire 3 bolts) but it still looks like it fires one single projectile, just causes more damage. EDIT: Also, plasma weapons lack of a "Magazines" block, therefore it cannot be modified that way. EDIT 2: I think I've found out how to change the ammo capacity, but still testing it.
  12. Modding

    So I'm trying to re-create SPV3's Brute Plasma Pistol on Halo 3 and I want to know what changes the following stuff: Rate of fire. Overheat. Battery wasted per shot.
  13. Other

    Sent now.
  14. Other

    First two people tested it and they said it gave an error. After I tried the patch myself it turned out to be true. I'm using the latest Assembly update of course, and if I remember well it is the regular version. I remember having problems with the dev branch in the past. 2016.
  15. Other

    Well, patching has never been an issue before but for some reason now it is. When I make a mod for Halo 3 and test it on console it works just fine, but when creating the patch for other people to test it turns out the patch is corrupted. The patch itself is created, it can be applied, etc. But when testing the patched map it throws a "Disk is unreadable" error and when opening said map on Assembly it just crashes. I've had some problems with tag extraction and injection and I'm able to solve them with patience. But five patch errors in a row? I repeat, this has never happened before. What's going on with Assembly?