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  1. Cool mods we will never have for download.
  2. Lol, best Reach mod out of all and all DL links are broken. Wish I had this mod with me again. Lets see if I can find it anywhere.
  3. Kinda looks like H2A's Master Chief.
  4. .MAP

    Definatelly worth a try.
  5. .MAP

    Has this recieved an update since the last time I played? If yes, then I must test it again.
  6. Does it only poke?
  7. General

    Even gamesaves are impossible for Xbox One. It appears they were possible before that system update. Also, Xbox One gets updated frequently. That's why it requires Internet in the first place. MCC might be modded if it was released for PC, like Halo Wars and Halo 5 did.
  8. General

    There are also orange stripes on Chief's armour. You should fix that for next update.
  9. General

    Why 42 bullets on AR rather than 60 like CE?
  10. General

    Lets check that one then. BTW, the pics show this is cool. Gotta try this out and possibly record it for a video prev.
  11. General

    Is it possible to make this separate files? I can't download 3GB at once without getting an error on Mega.
  12. I made this armour mod on campaign before. However I made the Hayabusa Spartan. Looks cool when making your own character appear in cutscenes. But gotta say the orange stripe kinda ruins the model. You should make it green as well.
  13. Support

    Ok, so I need some help on scripting (I know nothing to be honest). I really want to make AI battles and I actually tried the tutorial on making AI Squads, but in the end it was useless because I need to script them to spawn and scripting is definatelly not my strenght. So I'd like to have some help on that part, pretty appreciate it. Not just for Halo 3 but for Reach as well as it has the best AI models so far.
  14. Ok, nevermind. As of this moment, the changes finally saved. However, I had to open a map coming from the folder path in order for it to be saved. I hope it doesn't get removed when I open Assembly tomorrow.
  15. Tried it as admin, but changes still don't save. When I close Assembly and re-open it, I check the Resource Cache Folder Path and all spaces are set back to blanks.