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  1. Gametype

    I understand your probably done with the game type but do you think more items could be added to the game type like say the generators from firefight?
  2. Gametype

    hey trusty any chance for tank variants like your doing with the falcon jusst with tank chasis instead just curious and i am sorry if this seems like repost but its a valid option thanks
  3. Gametype

    what object would be best for award point system cause we want to be a game ender for raids we try using player models but it didnt work so yeah what would be best
  4. Gametype

    i am having a problem with the award point system it does not seem to be working any thoughts
  5. Gametype

    alright you have to use forge monitor as your best bet and use either plate or flag stands
  6. Gametype

    you still didnt answer about other mixed vehicles now did you
  7. Gametype

    how bout adding more mixed vehicles like with tanks and add in the turrets of the human side for mixing as well and possibly fixing the stand alone gauss cannon because alot of the boys in the 7th need it fixed
  8. Gametype

    alright you probably get this alot but how would you feel about putting a tac nuke with say the yield of say half of hemorage and it be say a data core model but when you right trigger it arms the nuke and it has a 60 sec fuse and can not be re picked up after being armed and lasts for say about 5 sec