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  1. Call of Duty

    Probably isn't going to happen here as cheating is strictly prohibited, try se7en
  2. Let me start off by saying, if you haven't already finished the campaign, do so before reading as this will contain spoilers Been a while since I've posted, but since some of us are probably experiencing other whereabouts in life, I don't expect a whole lot feedback. I certainly miss the old days, but once I stepped into Infinite and played through the entire campaign, something just sparked in me to bring up a topic about it on Chaos. Couple days ago, I chatted with a developer in Technical Design who worked on the memories. I let him know how genuinely awesome the campaign was and how the story didn't feel comparably crappy to h4 & 5. Ofc he posed the question of which part in the campaign was my favorite, so I'd like to ask the same on everybody else's thoughts, opinions Which part of the campaign, being an aspect, cutscene, or mechanic was your favorite? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the overall story? Were you happy with the ending? I'll start off with my response
  3. can you send me the link to download the tsavo campaign map the link is off

  4. Modding

    head to ai_generic in char. Fiddle around with the property blocks, I would start with the Weapon Properties.
  5. General

    This is awesome, I love it when somebody takes a stand for modding when it's been a few months xD
  6. .MAP

    Omg thanks you had my idea lol! Awesome mod!
  7. Unsure, but try changing the third person model to [bloc], not [hlmt]. It's possible that if all else fails you can just invisibilize the spartan and parent a bloc somehow.
  8. Found one tutorial here: It looks like you'll need an xbox live account in order to have some kind of file share to download the sve mythic slayer things off of. If you upload those maps/gametypes on 360, you can just download them right off fileshare ingame like in the video.
  9. It's a start... I guess? Also may somebody suggest how to remove the water? It's been so long..
  10. Roger roger. I'm good with the source, it's just that now everybody has to download Xbox 360 Neighborhood lol. EDIT: Also, will there be a way to convert an old mod on the 360 to PC? Thought it would be neat to play some snow slayer in some custom games with friends. If not, I could probably just go tag through tag and recreate the mod assembly
  11. This is because you did not compile the latest assembly version. Here is a fixed link: If nobody wants to compile the new version (like I almost didn't want to), I may just do an upload sometime to mediafire.
  12. .MAP

    Your .map and .mapinfo names are not the same. Try Patching may be an issue if your using the spanish version of halo 3 but not entirely sure.
  13. General

    You probably didn't name the output file correctly when patching in assembly. If you're playing on Reach, you will have to disable contpatch in dashlaunch.
  14. .MAP

    It hasn't really been accomplished, yet. From what I know the maps tend to crash or not work when they are converted with squads and/or scripts.
  15. Halo 3

    For Halo 3, you have to atleast have a modded 360.