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  1. .MAP

    Awesome. I hope to see something spectacular with this later on.
  2. .MAP

    You have to have a modded Xbox 360. I wondered the same years ago when I first joined the community.
  3. Support

    Check the troubleshooting tab. It seems you have some other issue going on.
  4. When i try and clock the link it sends me thers but it says the file does not there 


  5. .MAP

    Jtag for sure my friend.
  6. Sneak peak at my new toy...
  7. I had this Idea a few days ago but am out of memory for how it works, in fact, I've never done a BSP injection myself. It would actually be neat though to see a different level other than the desert box, such as an oasis or maybe The Covenant like gamecheat does his AI battles on...
  8. It's nothing new, but I had some time to play do a machinima with my friend.
  9. Support

    BEAUTIFUL! Got it all cleared; thanks for all the tag ref suggestions.
  10. Support

    I assume chdt tag? I'll give it a go!
  11. Support

    I cannot thank you enough! The only thing left now is the little yellow radar dot that keeps appearing every time I move. Any suggestions?
  12. Essentially, I wanted the entire forge editing interface removed (Not the sandbox pallet). I just need the budget logo, forge hand, removed or invisible: Sorry, the image is a little dark, but I'm trying to just remove the entire forge screen UI essentially so I can fly around. I went into the monitor BIPD tag and removed the chdt interface tag, but there's still stuff on the screen. I cannot find any other tag references, any ideas?
  13. .MAP

    I had no Idea! Too awesome; I will have to give it a go sometime.
  14. .MAP

    Somehow, I actually never got the map to show up in the Campaign lobby. However, what I did was replace my with the modified (patched) one and it seems to work. NOTE: In the Campaign lobby, Be sure to select Rally Point Alpha, not the first start point. Anyway, I did a quick showcase of your mod! Thanks for the PM help! <3
  15. Something I did about a year ago or so: