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  1. Something I did about a year ago or so:
  2. Reach

    What are you trying to do that gives you this error? Are you making changes to the map, injecting, saving?
  3. I don't know what to say guys. I've been off the site for a while, came back to see how awesome all of you guys still are! I loved watching that "Fight the Gods" map blackdimund, Excellent work. : )
  4. Wow this is neat! Does this work based off rte or just .map modification? Either way, It's not a bad mod.
  5. Your better off using Filezilla, Neighborhood will take hours lol.
  6. Other
  7. Other

    Uh oh. I mean I don't think you mean bad. There's nothing on your channel showing that you cheat online or whatever. I also couldn't think of why you would have gone through all the time to make a video talking about it for nothing. If there's absolutely any sort of problem with Gamecheat, it's only that he usually doesn't put download links to the awesome mods he does, tehe.
  8. Wow there's something about that I really like. I would have to say I guess Bungie didn't do that because showing an Elite about to stab a Sparten, probably didn't go so well for the title ;).
  9. Awe. You definitely nailed it this time. Map looks better than I could have ever done, Lehvak taught you well =].
  10. Awesome Job!!!
  11. .MAP

    :l Is this some kind of troll lol? 3 people have asked, and haven't looked at the comments. If it helps I'll make the download link more visible..
  12. .MAP

    I don't think you can if it's part of the bsp.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  14. Gametype

    What exactly are you trying to state here? You want a modded map with a pelican to fly or are you just being silly.
  15. Go for it! That's so awesome :D!!!