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    RGH'ed Xbox Ones

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About Me

I love to mod games and see whats out of maps, I especially like mods that include more to the game and have
more than it originally came with. Graphics? Na, Minecraft is one of the worlds most popular games, and yet it's got bad graphics. I just like the fun, and sandbox type of stuff. I also like to create, build, help, and be a team on things. And try to not give up on projects I work on. I am planning on a strong YouTube channel in the future.

I just need a good headset, mike, webcam, capture card, and wisdom. I find it fun to mod Halo, the key is to not give up. I have found this helpful during alot of my work, This is my favorite website so far... Good members, great tutorials that never fail, cool themes (EDIT: Well, sorta), nice Administrators, and a great place to communicate for modding. God bless you all.