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  1. Haven't been here for a while, at uni now. Just having a peek around, see that not much has changed except Xevalous looks like more of a f4gg0t somehow. (Nice swear filtering)

    1. HaloHackBoy


      When i typed f4gg0t (i put the 4 and 0 on purpose) it changed to the word gay

  2. Haven't been here for a while, at uni now. Just having a peek around, see that not much has changed except Xevalous looks like more of a gay somehow.

  3. Listened to this a bit lately
  4. Didn't think I was into this, but recently started listening to this a lot.
  5. Not entirely sure to be honest been out of the scene for almost a year. If I recall correctly however, it has something to do with the Markers. I think they are labelled.
  6. Returned from 3 months of travelling asia. Jet lag has made me nocturnal. (OvO)

    1. [Iconoclast]
    2. p0iz0n


      [hoo intensifies]

  7. Well you could but it would be a bit of a hack and it would involve destroying the warthog. You could resize the mongoose wheels and reposition them to hide them completely. Then do the same to the warthog chassis, and remove any child objects like the antenna, turret gun etc... Lastly attach the warthog to the mongoose as a child object and reposition the warthog's wheel markers so that they fit the mongoose. There you go, a mongoose with warthog wheels, although its a lot of trouble to go to just to change the wheels, and you would only have 4 wheels when it came to the warthog itself, and as I said its a hack, a pretty unclean one too.
  8. Yeah I doubt that they are ever going to allow you to transfer anything back to the previous generation consoles. It makes no sense to. As sad as it is, the 360 will eventually be made obsolete. Even though games are still being published for the 360, that contract will run out in a couple years at most. Natural progression is to fade out the previous generations so that everyone is eventually forced to focus on the new ones. The fact that games are not backwards compatible actually works in favour of this quite strongly.
  9. I wasn't saying there was something platform specific about either of the game type formats. I was just comparing the difference between the new and old user content formats to the difference between the platforms, and saying that in both cases the difference could be substantial enough that it is more difficult than peeps in this thread are giving them credit for. I often see people saying that devs are just being lazy, and 90% of the time they have no idea how difficult a certain task could be. Perhaps it is a simple conversion, but I doubt they are being lazy.
  10. Is literally no one listening to what I am saying?
  11. It may be an issue that isn't easy for them to resolve though. Like how the new-gen consoles are not backwards compatible. It could just be a technicality.
  12. I never really got MCC. I mean everyone is complaining that it doesn't work properly or something, and everyone is complaining about the console its on. Remind me why people don't just grab their copy of H3 of the shelf and play some custom games rather than paying money to play a broken version, on a supposedly broken console when our 360 fileshare is sitting right there? My way in on the current convo: If the custom file's format has been reworked in MCC, then it would mean that they would have to work on method of converting the files to the new format. To be fair, it would probably take less time for everyone just to recreate their old maps and gametypes.
  13. Visual Basic

    Couple bugs: 1. If you go to rules, after you close the message dialog, as long as you avoid the green ball, your cursor isn't reset after hitting the ok button on the rules. So you end up in the open space next to Finish. 2. It seems that if I move my cursor fast enough I can get out of the process window, and am then able to get back in at the bottom by moving it quickly again. So you could increase the rate at which you check cursor positions, or think about a way of comparing previous positions to current ones to figure out if the cursor has passed straight through a green box.
  14. Visual Basic

    Hmm idk then. Maybe something off with " or". Should the 'or' be part of the literal? Not sure. Never use VB anyway.
  15. Visual Basic

    I know this is super old, but I just read it now, so this is really for the benefit of someone with a similar issue and seeing as no one else has posted a solution I thought I would way in. It has been a while since I programmatically sent mail, but I swear the SMTP port should be 25
  16. Visual Basic

    Hey, when you release your fixed version, just get the binary from the bin folder of the project rather than publishing it. Its really annoying when something installs and I have uninstall it when I'm done. Otherwise cool game Can't wait to see what you work on next
  17. Really nice. I hope you finish it. The amount of times there have been people on here making mod compilations and never finishing them...
  18. Visual Basic

    That is the ULTIMATE cereal box game.
  19. He's just being honest dude.
  20. General

    @haloman30 Are you sure it was the GPU then? I had a freezing issue with my PC for the past few months, and problems with booting. (It basically only turned on when it felt like it). It turned out to be a problem with the RAM. I never removed any of my RAM chips so I'm guessing they can just degrade over time. How old is your laptop? It may be worth running memtest. If you get any errors at all, you just need to replace you RAM card or whatever is in your laptop. (I had this problem on a desktop, don't know how RAM works in a laptop tbh.) If I removed the working chips so only the ones with bad memory were in the PC, it wouldn't boot at all. So it might just be worth a check. You could also look at stress testing your graphics card at its recommended settings. It should pass a test on Heaven Benchmarker at those settings. If not you could try tuning them down a bit? Idk.
  21. Yeah, it would probably open up a whole bunch of vulnerabilities.
  22. General

    Ok sorry for the re-post (I know I could have just edited the original post but I wanted people to actually see this) , but the entire point of the original post was to read the comic I posted, and silly me, but I posted the damn mobile version. Any way here's the WORKING version (with the scares, put in headphones) I know its not Halloween anymore, but I don't care (plus it is probably halloween somewhere in the world right now, time differences and all... Original Post:
  23. General