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    What do you think I'm on this for...
  1. General

    Wow, you're really "high spirited".
  2. Isn't it possible to play the "MCC" on the 360?
  3. Halo 2

    What everyone has to relies is that it just came out, give it time, I'm sure 343 industries will fix it.
  4. I wish I knew, for not evean I undrestood...
  5. I agree, when I'm trying to find a map, gametype,ect. I never seem to find any thing on "Halo Reach", instead I only find stuff about "Halo 4". I mean "Halo 4" is a good game, but I tend to think that "Halo Reach" is better (in my opinion of course).
  6. Support

    Well actually you should code it so you can lower your weapon at any time "online" especially for youtubers to make machinima's, also I don't think it matters on what halo game.
  7. Gametype

    That seems pretty cool idea, but you would have to have it as a secondary or appear on your screen as an ordinance drop.
  8. General

    That is true, but what I'm talking about is I know someone that might be able to help, though I would have to pull a few strings to do so...
  9. General

    There may be a way... Have to pull a few strings though and cross my fingers. But most likely you could only play the first two levels but there would be a lot of glitches and lag that would make the game suck.
  10. .MAP

    I think you should add it because if you made a map out of it would be fun for who ever plays it. Also as a side suggestion, you should make a video about it once you finish.