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  1. General

    Files have been uploaded separately.
  2. General

    I like the yellow/orange armour suit VI stripe, matches the visor color ; )
  3. General

    During the devolvement of Halo CE, nearly at pre-release stages the A.R magazine capacity had 42 rounds of ammo. I made a Halo CE campaign mod for PC version with pre-release stuff and I decided to carry that for Halo 3's A.R
  4. General

    There are more that I continue to upload, check them here
  5. I like the yellow/orange armour suit IV stripe, matches the visor color ; )
  6. General

    Try installing the Mega plugin to download larger files. Either use Mozilla or Chrome to download it. Next update i'll upload a folder with single map per download.
  7. General

    Feel free to do so ; )
  8. Halo 2 "Grunt Birthday Party" style for Halo 3 Hunter boarding feature restored John's new armour (MP Bipd)
  9. Hmm . . .
  10. Well I'm interested on that seat power up / power down to trigger the landing gear animations, the only easy way i did to enable it was when the hatch back door opens, the animation pushes the landing gear as well. And by the way, try to compare the Halo 2 pelican model and it's spheres regarding the landing gear to add them into the H3's Pelican. That might help somehow. =/ Halo 2's pelican physics model "Interaction unknown" or named as "Unknown" under "Phantom Index" referenced at "Polyhedra" set from value "1" to "0" → Fully collidable with any objects.
  11. General

    Hello guys, this is my custom Halo 3 campaign mod for X360 JTAG/RGH. About: This is basically vehicles and weapons access for all maps, tag injection. Last year I've got the chance of getting an X360 RGH. Today I'm sharing my modded game for any one who is interested, screenshots taken by FreeStyle plugin to show of some stuff. Inside of this mod there are two programs: - Assembly to edit the map files locally on your computer and to edit real time on X360. - Ascension to poke advanced real time addresses, like the Halo 3 vehicle/global field of view. (If you have the plugin enabled to edit in real time, don't forget to change these two program's IP addresses according whit your X360 connection to your internet router). This mod is aimed for the game version 1.0 but it can be played for any TU (Title update) you have installed, I prefer the game base version. (Q) - What's been changed for this campaign ? (A) - Player Field of View, Vehicle access (Pelican/Phantom/etc) , Weapon enhancements (ammo increase, weapon placement on screen), Centered Crosshair, restored Hunter boarding feature and many other miscellaneous stuff. Feel free to post your videos/screenshots about this mod, I play H3 almost every day, if not playing GTA V on Steam or busy at work. If you're interested to play with me via System Link on X360 add me on Steam. Have fun Download link here ← Version 1.3 (DD/MM/YYYY) 10/02/2018 Halo 2 "Grunt Birthday Party" style for Halo 3 Cut hunter boarding feature restored John's new armour (MP Bipd) Player Field of View, Centered Crosshair, Weapon on screen adjustments, Ammo capacity increased
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    Change these. Originally Edited
  13. General

    Can you link me to his website please ? It seems I can't find it... sorry about that.
  14. This topic can help you how to install them ; )
  15. I saw two videos of someone driving the Phantom based on the Pelican tag if that helps your thoughts.