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  1. Modding

    Well I also tried making these kind of special difficulty vehicles to show up, but the easiest way to perform was to set the game at the highest difficulty but reducing the A.I damage on player, making it play as Normal diff but in original Legendary diff. Although the best way to make it spawn and it's A.I is via scripting. Something that I had to learn and follow trough some cut vehicle, A.I stuff on Halo: Combat Evolved.
  2. Probably, but the campaign script might need to be edited as well to spawn the remaining players. Just not to mention with the scenario tag as well by needing a teak or two. Unless with some magic of yours Zedd it might work like you did for Halo 2.
  3. By default Cooperative Play only supports 2 players for the campaign role. While Split Screen option is only available for Multiplayer role. So this might be the answer you were not looking for.
  4. Add new skins is almost impossible or at least very difficulty to do, as far as I'm aware about it there is no tutorial for that for the PC version. Although you can mess around with available ones in-game, for that go to your weapon choice, search for "First Person" click on [mode] tag and open it up, search for materials [rmsh] tag and do some changes. Example done on Halo 3.
  5. On the bottom near the Save / Poke / Reload buttons click on Options and tick them all to enabled, once that's done go to "SCNR" to disable Death Barriers and type on the search box "Scenario Kill Triggers", the Count box change it to 0 hit save or poke. To use Third Person go to "WEAP" choose the weapon you want, example battle rifle and type on the search box "Third Camera View" then tick the box. This can only be done for Halo 3, ODST, Halo 4. Halo 2 Vista option is missing somehow. You might want to google for a Halo 2 Blu Trainer or Halo 2 Third Person Viewer tool.
  6. That's a Halo 2 multiplayer map "lockout", multiplayer maps only have basic stuff on them, to be loaded it calls everything from the map file "", which is a basic tag container file used by other multiplayer maps. That is why you can't see any weapons. Load up Halo 2 with that multiplayer map, with assembly open "" and make your changes.
  7. General

    Files have been uploaded separately.
  8. General

    I like the yellow/orange armour suit VI stripe, matches the visor color ; )
  9. General

    During the devolvement of Halo CE, nearly at pre-release stages the A.R magazine capacity had 42 rounds of ammo. I made a Halo CE campaign mod for PC version with pre-release stuff and I decided to carry that for Halo 3's A.R
  10. General

    There are more that I continue to upload, check them here
  11. I like the yellow/orange armour suit IV stripe, matches the visor color ; )
  12. General

    Try installing the Mega plugin to download larger files. Either use Mozilla or Chrome to download it. Next update i'll upload a folder with single map per download.
  13. General

    Feel free to do so ; )
  14. Halo 2 "Grunt Birthday Party" style for Halo 3 Hunter boarding feature restored John's new armour (MP Bipd)
  15. Hmm . . .