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  1. doesn't work. wierd
  2. need help, forgot the password is their a way to reset the family setting PW without getting another jtag?
  3. Yes i would love for that, what does that mean exactly though, and i tested the skyline one but the raptor, is just a banshee for me
  4. if you made the Ski resort mod, that is my all time favortie, i'm about to download and play this and your pirate map, Thank you sooo much for making new mods, and keeping this going, they aren't even just mods that you're making they are pro mods. bout to play this with a friend.
  5. .MAP

    See you hosting on xboxconnect lol, didnt know you could host H3 over there, tried that once before didn't work, and hope this gets to working sounds fun especillay with the prophet chair
  6. Halo: CE

    just went and looked, that's not why. unfortunately
  7. For some reason, every single time i try to mod halo CE everysince the first time, no matter how many times i get the original, .map file and replace it, or delete it off the enitre folder off my hdd put it on again, and try modding it from scratch again, it will always be the same as the first mod i put on there, does anyone know why this is happening and how to get around it..?
  8. .MAP

    I'd like to have a tutorial on how to do stuff like this. That's amazing
  9. I've been using that website since 07ish years lost access to my account and when I made a new account it won't let me do anything. I actually already tried contacting him by adding his aim. But I don't think it worked.
  10. Halo 2 modded mappacks. they were amazing in my opinion. if anyone had yellow brick road to that'd be amazing
  11. Title says all, i can't find these anywhere and when i do they are broken links of course, if anyone can help me out with finding these i'd be very happy.
  12. Amen. My story is of the same genre. Finally got out off the papers for probation. All for some stupid simple battery charge and then me failing my drug tests. Took me about 3 years to get off probation because I wouldn't stop smoking. Finally though. I met some girl at a rehab I was at. We stopped until we got off probation.. and now we are stoners. again lol. Weed isn't a bad thing. I personalize don't just use it recreational I use it medically. Ptsd, insomnia, depression also anxiety are my reasons for using medicaly..
  13. Your probably right. I honestly wouldn't know what to do. And bfixer offered to help me with it. And if everything goes smooth I'm going to try and donate to him for his efforts.
  14. p 2009-10-29