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  1. Modding Click on that link and download the 1.1 version. This one works for me, so it should work for you.
  2. .MAP

    Ey, that's a pretty good tutorial.
  3. Modding

    Refer to this tutorial for custom bitmap injection. I haven't tested this out on Halo: 4, so I can't say for sure if this will work. Best of luck.
  4. Support
  5. What is the mod you're trying to play?
  6. Check the .map file name and the .mapinfo name. If it still doesn't work, Check the .mapinfo ID and the .map ID. They both have to have to the same ID.
  7. Call of Duty

  8. Modding

    You're map is good. My advice for your map is try to learn some injections.
  9. Video

    A brick of sodium and water is a great bomb.
  10. Support

    Since nobody else wants to help you, here you go. Scroll down to to "Applying Map patches" and follow it like it was an Assembly Patch file.
  11. Modding

    Your grammar fucking sucks, but I do like your map.
  12. .MAP

    Geese is the plural for goose. I assume it's MonGEESE. Shouldn't it be that way?
  13. .MAP

    Don't forget to give credit to Krazy Pigeon. He did make the base of the map. And also give credit to the creator(s) of the tags you injected, because I noticed some tags that were in previous maps on the site.
  14. General

    1. RGH Trinity (Corrupt NAND) 2. Soft modded Wii 3. Hard modded PS2 4. Retail Corona V2 (I may install the Demon Chip to this...) 5. Xbox One 6. Wii U (Not a good idea...) 7. 3DS (Only for Pokemon) 8. iPhone 5 9. Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) (Only for school work.) 10. DSI (Soon to be hard modded) Once I get my a NAND writer for my RGH, I'll be back modding.
  15. Refer to this forum about getting started. Nice meeting you! Best of luck. But skip the console stuff since you're using a PC. As for starting .MAP mods, refer to this tutorial to start you off with the basics.