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  1. Other

    Funny actually, I don't do any of that online. I actually have not launched anything on a 360 in months, online or offline. Regardless, my main point still stands. If you would like to keep arguing it, argue it with Zedd as he agrees (shown above). I'm done here.
  2. Other

    I'm aware of that, it was just past the edge of my screen. Not sure what that changes tho. As defined by Microsoft, that is cheating. I fully agree with their definition.
  3. Other

    Ok, here you go.
  4. Other

    Someone knows they are wrong so they try to take the conversation off topic. Regardless, I don't give a fuck about any of that anymore. None of it matters to me anymore.
  5. Other

    Weird, I remember someone in this thread that may or may not go by the name Gamecheat cheating on XBL and posting about it on Twitter. Funny how he was never banned and he was the one actually cheating, not just updating offsets. None of my business tho.
  6. Simply download and transfer Xexmenu to your console with a flashdrive.
  7. This was for last Friday.
  8. .MAP

  9. General

    Working on that...
  10. It would be cool to play Halo 3 Beta (Delta) online again.
  11. Same thing happened to me, I just decided I would start a new account on my new Xbox One.
  12. General

    The code will be invalid at that point...
  13. If you want to play next weekend I should be up and running then.