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  1. Modding

    I will definitely do this, thank you! As soon as I get the chance I'll see/post if these work I did have two other questions: Can you "reload" a player's gun (that is, make the gun fully loaded without playing the reload animation) using scripts? I'm trying to make a player's gun get reloaded when they use their armor ability, such that once the armor ability is done their gun is full. My gametype has infinite ammo, so subtracting remaining ammo isn't a concern.Can you make a gun do no (or even just less) damage at range? If so, what would the appropriate tuning values be to make that work? I've been trying to mess with the tuning parameters that I would have thought would accomplish this but they never seem to work :\
  2. Modding

    I guess I asked too many questions at once, haha! I'll just ask one then: Can you make a moving player halt in place? Put another way, can you remove all momentum from a player using scripts?I'm trying to modify Thruster Pack to cause the player to stop moving after the dash is over (rather than continuing on in the direction one dashed), but just applying player traits with Speed = 0.0 doesn't remove the momentum like I'd hoped it would.
  3. Support

    From what I've gathered the latest versions of KSoft removed that limitation. I have definitely seen people saying this in the past, but I am definitely using custom categories just fine with KSoft.Tool 1.4. @OP:
  4. Modding

    I found where to get a .map file, and now I've gotten most of the base values I needed! I've got some questions about the tuning values: Could someone explain Damage Lower Bound / Damage Upper Bound (min) / Damage Upper Bound (max)? Specifically, why is there both a "Lower Bound" and "Upper Bound (min)" rather than just one minimum value?Are the Damage ???? Bound values tied to Air Damage Range? I've been trying to modify these values to make certain guns not do damage at extreme ranges but that never seems to work.What are Projectile Distribution Angle and Deviation Angle?What does Damage Error do?What is "Soft" Recovery Time? I figured out Fire Recovery Time, but I can't tell what changing Soft does.Do certain values that have both a "min" and a "max" need to be the same values? Specifically: Rounds Per Second, Shots Per Fire, Damage Error, Dynamic Turning Speed, Damage Upper, etc.Then I had some non-tuning questions: Can one detect whether or not "Friendly Fire" is enabled in a script? I'm using scripting to enable players to kill nearby players (via calling ObjectKillInstantly on their bipeds if they are within a radius) and I want the script to not kill players on the same team if Friendly Fire is disabled. I know I can essentially achieve this using UDOs but that isn't as clean a solution as I'd hope.Can you apply Base Traits to a player? In my scripts I want to apply some traits temporarily and then remove those traits by applying the Base Traits to override them. I think I solved this one (I now understand you have to replace the traits every tick, else they stop taking effect)
  5. Modding

    Thank you, but I've seen Zedd's list and have been using it extensively to do weapon tuning; what I'm hoping to do is use Assembly to find out what the default values each gun uses for those values (like, what is the heat loss per second of the Storm Rifle, those sorts of things). In Zedd's post he mentioned the locations of these values in looking for in Assembly, but I don't have a .map to open to check these sorts of things and I can't find out how to get them without a modded Xbox.
  6. Modding

    Simple question: I want to use Assembly to open a .map file to see the default weapon tuning values, but I don't have a modded XBox to get .map files. How should I proceed?If I need to be PMed the answer that's cool
  7. Modding

    Out of curiosity, how are you planning to implement teleporation? Would it only be playable on Harvest?
  8. Modding

    Thank you, as what you suggested ALMOST worked, but unfortunately it's looking like this is going to be a lot harder than I thought. Hiding the player's biped did hide nearly everything like you said (the player, the AA, and even the ball's model), but unfortunately (even though everything else is hidden!) the ball's blue streak--the stupid thing that's causing the teleporter problem in the first place--is still there. I'm going to have to figure out another way to get the streak to disappear, though to be honest I'm not sure what to try next now that I know hiding doesn't work. I'm going to keep trying to fix this, and any ideas on things to try would be immensely helpful.
  9. Modding

    Double posting because this question is currently stopping me from being able to progress: How do you hide the player's weapon? By hide, I mean they still have it, but it's invisible.I'm trying to get rid of the blue streak that appears between teleporters when someone with a ball takes a teleporter. To do that, I'm trying to do the following: IF player has oddball Unhide the ball IF player is within boundary of a teleporter_send or teleporter_2way Hide the ball To hide the ball, I'm trying to both hide the player's weapon (using PlayerGetWeapon) and the oddball (which in the oddball gametype is that player's object0) using ObjectHide, but it's not working because the oddball never disappears. As a sanity check I even tried just hiding every player's weapon using ObjectHide, but that didn't work either... Is it not possible to hide weapons a player is holding? (I hope that's not the case, haha!)
  10. Modding

    I actually got it to work by setting the base traits to the traits I wanted and then removing all the triggers and adding the sandbox code. The gametype is not easily sharable since if you download it via a replay file the traits don't work for some reason, but I got my friend to copy the gametype using Horizon and it's working pretty well. I'll probably make a version soon that uses the teleporter_used incident to apply traits since from what I gather that will work (?). Different questions: Engine options. What is what? I know disabling 1 disables teams and disabling 658 disables objective ordinance, but what do all the others mean? I can't find a good list. EDIT: Found a listCan one loop through all the objects in a game at the start and apply a filter to all objects of a certain type? I want to do this with teleporters so that I can loop through all the teleporters using a filter (as oppose to looping through every object, which for speed's sake I'm trying to avoid) without requiring the player to apply the filters in Forge.
  11. Support

    I know I've seen people talking about doing the armor ability thing on here but for the life of me I can't find those threads now, lol! I'm still learning all this so I'll leave detailed answers to more knowledgeable people, but just to be clear about what you're asking for regarding the armor ability question: Do you want the armor ability to go away entirely or do you just want the player not to be able to use it again (IE it never recharges)? If it's the "never recharge" thing then what Pfeuff suggested will do just that, though if you do it that way you wouldn't be able to pick up the same armor ability again to "refresh" it. If you want the armor ability to go away, when would you want armor abilities that the player can stop early (like Promethean Vision, Active Camo, etc) to disappear? That is, would you want the AA to disappear if the player uses it at all (even if they stop early), or do only want the ability to go away when the player uses it up entirely?
  12. Modding

    I figured it out, I forgot some tags in the traits and KSoft was ignoring them (not multiplying like I'd thought, just not working at all lol). My next question is rather different: I've been doing some modding for a gametype that my friends and I play, and in it we use non-standard movement traits (stuff like 2.22 movement speed and similarly nonstandard jump height, gravity, etc.) because we're trying to emulate Reach's physics. My friend does a lot of forging and wants to be able to use these traits in forge; is there any way to do that? The only decoded Basic Editing I've found doesn't compile with KSoft, and even if it did I don't know if that would enable use to use those traits or not.
  13. Modding

    Hokay, now I've got a weird problem: when I apply player traits that change the jump or grav multiplier, the player's corresponding multiplier is MULTIPLIED by the new value, not REPLACED by it like I expected. That is to say, if the base (or current) jump multiplier is 2.00##### (the #s are the random decimal points the multipliers all seem to acquire during decoding) and the new jump multiplier is 1.50######, rather than the multiplier becoming 1.50###### like I expected, the multiplier becomes 3.00######! Then if I apply the 1.50##### traits again, it becomes 4.50###### as far as I can tell O.o Is this expected behavior of ApplyPlayerTraits? Is there any way to force the game to override the old multiplier value rather than multiply it? Here is my gametype that is causing the problem (jump to line 3974): The gametype was based on Slayer because it was a quick test gametype that I designed to, in theory, see the effects of various combinations of gravity and jump multipliers without recompiling the gametype each time, but the multiplying effect made this not particularly useful. The non-slayer scripts begin on line 3974 (I commented the custom scripts rather heavily).
  14. Modding

    Awesome, I found it and it had exactly what I was looking for After cleaning it up a tad, I think I'll be able to release my first gametype! These questions are mostly for curiosity's sake as I don't currently have projects for these right now, but I'm thinking this'll be helpful to know down the road: Is there an action that directly deals damage to a player's shields and/or health? I've been able to essentially do this by reading in the health, subtracting a value from it, and then modifying it back out, but I want to check if there is an action to do this in a less-complicated way.Is there any way to detect when something deals damage to a player and retrieve the amount of damage it dealt? I cobbled together a roundabout solution to do this using player numerics that store/check the player's health each tick, but I wanted to know if there was an easier method (preferably one that doesn't use up a player numeric).If a gametype is already using all 10 player numerics but you want more, what is the best alternative? Can you use other kinds of variables (teams, objects, etc) for that player instead?For the third question, I had the idea to use an object numeric and check/modify the player's SlaveObject, but that proved sorta convoluted when I tried it. I feel like teams would probably work the best since they're essentially numerics as far as I can tell, but I want to make sure that players having extra team variables won't confuse the gametype or anything (I've tried it myself and I don't THINK anything was wrong, but I don't know what to look for).
  15. Modding

    Oh my goodness I don't know where my mind was, I totally forgot the health is normally in the range of [0,100] and not [0,1] :V When I was saying 0.1, I meant 10%, so I can totally just use "10" V: Derp, haha! Thank you for the info; it's sad that decimals aren't easily doable, though I'm glad to hear I can still achieve what I wanted to do. EDIT: Is there a list of all the valid Loadout nameIndexes? Stuff like how 76 is "Hunter."