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  1. What was the point of adding AI to Forge in Halo 5 via your Exuberant tool? The offline Forge map doesnt have AI pathfinding,so they just stand there and shoot at you

  2. help. when I download map for halo reach says the players could not download the content.
    rgh hack patch
  3. lol
  4. .MAP

    Its still using campaign BSP, which is what the pathfinding is generated into. Not any multiplayer BSPs. Its misleading. fallback pathfinding? These AI arent using fallback pathfinding. Fallback pathfinding is what the AI infection forms use when they have no BSP pathfinding. Also AI dont completely sync correctly for a wide range of functions, they only sync their position because they are a unit.
  5. .MAP

    This isn't multiplayer pathfinding, its just using a campaign BSP.
  6. .MAP

    That was a good laugh.
  7. Dude give me that secret Halo script compiler. I know you have it.
  8. General

    I wish a nigga would.
  9. General

    That hasn't haulted anything, no legal action came of it. Also for the last time I dont have a script compiler.
  10. cough cough
  11. Other

    Calls me out for cheating online, brings up custom games lol. Yeah im hurting all those pour souls that willingly joined in. Stay salty.
  12. Other

    You seem pretty salty kiddo lol. Maybe get some evidence before making outrageous claims.
  13. Other

    Someones mad Halo Wars Alpha isnt a trading token anymore lol.
  14. Other

    Jeez AMD he asked for a simple debate not a genocide lmao.
  15. General

    Whoa never thought id be part of a conspiracy theory lol. Im not really sure what to tell you. I really wish we had a Halo 3 script compiler, but sadly that's not the case. In fact I've bugged quite a few Assembly devs to work on one with no luck. All of those scripts were created manually and it's a pain in the ass. If you open Assembly and search "Script Expressions" in scenario you will find the raw operation codes for scripts. Thats all i had at my disposal to edit scripts. You have to lookup the opcode in "\Formats\Halo3\H3_Scripting.xml". So from there you basically need to learn on your own. Comparing scripts and checking the final script in the scripts tab helps a bunch, but if you have invalid script expressions entered it will crash Assembly. All of the maps released with scripts are done with this method. Its painful and very very time consuming but the final result is worth it. If we had script compilers i would be well beyond these simple scripts. What im doing is editing the scripts after they are compiled. As for the second post im not really sure what to say, Im really lazy when it comes to writing tutorials.