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  1. Support

    That doesnt work for MP teams in Reach/h4
  2. Tons of good stuff hosted on here.
  3. Modding

    You dont need to go that deep, its really quite simple lol. Swap that tagref
  4. Modding

    Id imagine that would be a script change, which still shouldn't be too hard.
  5. .MAP

    Normally this is the case, however for Firefight you need a script to spawn AI at all.
  6. Reach

    Good work man this will definitely come in handy. I'm assuming this also outputs to Xbox Watson?
  7. No. But support could always be added.
  8. .MAP

    I had put up a download link for the version I made a while back, im not sure how it differs from yours though. Last Fight
  9. General

    Im still crunching out some levels, i should have a trello soon...
  10. What are you talking about?
  11. I do plan on finishing those in the next month or two.
  12. Here is a bunch of builds because I think they should be easily accessible to everyone and am tired of seeing this thread bumped asking for download links. Ill add more as I upload them. Enjoy. Halo CE Pre-Release 2247 (2001-09-26) Halo 2 Multiplayer Alpha (2004-01-07) Halo 2 Multiplayer Beta (2004-06-28) Shadowrun Prototype (2005-03-30) Halo 3 Pre-Release (2007-08-10) Halo 3 Epsilon (2007-08-20) Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta (2007-05-01) *Has the Friends and Family Demo and Crackdown DLC package for archival purposes* Halo Wars Multiplayer Alpha 093106 (Feb 21 2008) Halo 4 Network Test (2012-05-05) *Has the original Demo package, you can actually run this on a retail console but the servers are dead* Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta (2010-04-09) Halo Reach Multiplayer Pre-Beta (2010-03-25) *Has the original DLC package*
  13. Support

    iirc this map was pretty low on extra memory, I had to cut a few AI enemies because of this. So im not sure how well it would deal with another BSP.
  14. Bit late eh?
  15. Do those lasers actually do damage? Thats pretty awesome.