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  1. I think i found where to gain access to your profile for Xbox one to begin modding, if anyone can figure it out. So to do this I used the same method to access mods and custom skins for Xbox One Minecraft via the xbox file explorer, using a few apps, it allows you to see parts of the "Explore files" that you were previously not allowed to see. There are other interesting files as well, not sure if this has been explored or not, let me know below!
  2. Anybody has the modable version of halo the master chief collection, I will personally pay you to import Xbox 360 maps and game types for me! Please message my gamer tag if you are able to do this. GT: FOTUS
  3. General

    I have no doubt that others will be able to get all of the stuff up and running soon enough xD All they all need is time with it all and I am sure we will be back at it like Halo Reach. Maybe even better...
  4. General

    can you direct me to someone who can make them? As well whats your gamertag now? If its your name on here i sent you the same message, but I would love to play with you sometime.
  5. General

    That is true, but now we know it IS possible, now we just need to make FUN gametypes like snapshots return and custom gametypes and all of that. Also when it is possible, can i hire you to make a gametype for me?
  6. Well, thanks to GameCheat13 you can now MOD Halo 5, here he explains how to do so in short, with this, what kind of Mods can you expect from the community?!?!? If you know how to do it, can you leave a tutorial for everyone?