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    You better go answer your door...
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  1. Other

    I found Clojure to be pretty interesting, along with Go. I've noticed a lot of linux tools have been written in Go lately.
  2. General

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  4. General

    You said an Ikea Dioder? Does that mean every few lights there's one missing?
  5. General

    I am SpaceJelly? No! I am Skeleton Jelly!
  6. General

    I am old Jelly? No! I am Skeleton Jelly!
  7. General

    I wish you the best of luck with Cindy and the chimps.
  8. Very.....bold XD
  9. General

    It is. you go for their email, first though. its usually an old email account, so you have to guess like a smaller version of them. if the security question is favorite pizza, 60% of the time its pizza. shtuff like that.
  10. General

    well, this is probably frowned upon here, but I have some tips that don't really include actual hacking. Message me on msn or aim and I'll give you the tips.
  11. General

    that's exactly how religion should be taught.
  12. General

    You see, my thought on religion is that it was the first attempt at an authority or civility being created, and after all the "if you do this, you'll be punished for eternity" stuff got around, it kind of stuck and spread. But then again, I could be wrong! In a discussion on the afterlife, there is no true way to tell who's right or wrong.
  13. General

    I agree with Dead and Xepler, but I also agree with Derek. Unfortunately, my family (extended family included) is part of the 50% that ruin it for everyone, and that's what made me become athiest. But there are also crazy athiests that go around preaching the same, if not more, as the theistics. I actually have a friend that started a long and loud argument with my mother over religion, and it did not end well. The problem is the idea of religion itself is what causes problems (athiesm as well).
  14. General

    they probably had a plugin for internet explorer, and you had to have administrator privileges go uninstall it or view it. at ours, if we're in a tech. class, the teacher has a program called "SchoolVue" that lets them see all of our screens in realtime, control our screens, bring our screens on the projector, black out our screens, send messages, and overlay their own computer over our screens. its pretty neat.