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  1. Hi friend, how do I put the GRD helmet patch on halo reach?
  2. Would it be possible to edit or inject gametype settings into the campaign settings? Like could you change the player's scale or force them into a vehicle? I don't have a modded xbox to test this but it'd be interesting if it was possible.

    1. Dudeguy77


      I'm talking about the Halo Reach campaign settings mod you did, sorry I didn't specify.

  3. EDIT: This has been solved (unfortunately not in a comment on here), so please ignore this post. So as some of us know, the Mythic Infection Mod doesn't work correctly in the latest version, and it lacks features. I've attempted a few times to set up infection style spawning within the slayer mod, but it's mostly been concept and not practical in most cases. Here are the main parts: -Respawn Zone set to 0 centered around infected spawn point(s) -Respawn Zone set to 1 centered around human spawn 1 -Respawn Zone set to 2 centered around human respawns (except 1) -Respawn Zone set to 3 around human respawn 1 -Award Points Zone on human respawn 1 so as to end the round The method I use is that the humans spawn in these chambers where they have to unblock the respawn point, which is either right in front of them and is only blocked by an explosive, or elsewhere and requires a switch. The downside to the switch is that it uses a lot of resources and can lag the game a lot. Teleporters and team-switching zones are used, so as to keep the "team but ffa scoring" that infection has. The zombies also have to reblock their spawn so others don't spawn there. The reason for these chambers and blocking is to ensure that the last guy who gets infected can respawn and end the round. I don't see any other way of ending it besides with the award points zone. Does anyone know of a more practical way to do this type of spawning? The way I have it is to essentially have the game be able to tell how many people there are so it can spawn just the right amount. It's not very practical as you can't join in session and suicides are always zombies. Scoring is also screwed up. For those who want more detail: I've made two somewhat different methods of spawning. Here they are: 1: There are 15 spawn chambers for the humans. The initial spawn has them destroy a fusion coil in front of them to free the respawn point. The problem is that they can just walk forward and teleport to the map regardless, so I have to trust that they won't break the game. The respawn point is positioned so that whoever respawns there can't walk backward into the teleporter and break the map that way as well. They have to destroy a switch that makes a block spawn and block their spawn. Once again, good faith is in play since I didn't want the game to lag too much. As for the zones, there's a general respawn zone over all the respawns with a lower spawn sequence number than the one centered on the 1st spawn (aka the one with the award points). If there's an extra spawn not blocked, or one too many blocked, the game will not end or end too soon, respectively. There's also respawn zones centered on the initial spawns of human 1 and the zombie(s), the former of which is to ensure there's a spawn for the last human. 2: Just like with the 1st one, there are 15 spawn chambers. The fusion coil has been replaced with a switch that unlocks the door in front of them. This also frees up the respective respawn point. The respawn zones are also the same as was described above. Respawning has the exact same format in this case as initial spawning. This ensures no one can break the game, but it also takes up a lot more with lag and resources. 45 bombs spawned in just for the switches that destroy. Not helping is that the switches don't work with explosives, so you're down to vehicles and turrets. It cripples your budget. Method 1 is less costly but easily breakable. Method 2 is very hard to break but more costly. Can anyone help me figure out a middle ground? I will also post screenshots of the chambers if people need them.
  4. Nevermind, it works great. Gonna take some time to figure out what everything is, but it works.
  5. Gametype

    Before you changed it in V1.50, I figured out how to shrink the skybox in V1.32. Check it out:
  6. Gametype

    The zone to change teams does work with infection, but players must be in the zone to be infected. If they exit they will revert back to a human. Yes this does change their biped to a Spartan and elite respectively, but only from the first person view.
  7. Gametype

    If you mean different turrets and cannons on the tank, then no. The only 3 cannons that can be put on tanks are the ultra small wraith, falcon, and revenant cannons. You could attach other vehicles using the attach labels and use the cannons if they are negative spawn sequences, though it is recommended to use the warthog and shade turret only (wraith and scorpion also apply, it's just that they already have placeable cannons).