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  1. .MAP

    probably because the maps too big
  2. .MAP

    Well the Humans/elites/flood are all on different teams, so you could use that, but making 2 full teams of ai would require alot of time. so yeah, Gamecheats AI playground has 2 full ai teams you can play around with.
  3. .MAP

    I have no idea what could be causing the theater bug. I might have to re-create the map anyway because of some injection issues that are happening.
  4. .MAP

    Hmm, works fine in theater for me. Does the marine ai/biped work at all for you either?
  5. .MAP

    I had to change some of the animations on the AI bipeds so they walk towards what they are shooting, and I fixed some minor things and added the carbine sound from ODST. The marine AI and biped may crash the game, it hasn't happened to me, but it might. Edit: oh and removed the map barriers
  6. .MAP

    Sounds good. I just updated the links, make sure to download version 2.
  7. .MAP

    I made a little map with split screen in mind. Have biped battles and stuff like that! I really want to make this map into something big, so if you have an idea for the map, let me know about it because I can't think of anything else to do, I've modded myself dry (not with this map.) A semi-special thing about this map is the automag and silenced smg sounds injected from odst, huge credits to Lehvak for helping me out with that and the huds for the weapons. I try to keep my maps as vanilla as possible aswell, I dont like to shader swap that much, so its pretty much normal sandtrap with a few extras added in, I just made it for me and a mate to play, it is actually pretty damn fun too when you get a game going (not sure how it would go in a link game) Links: -Click Here For Version 1 -Click Here For Version 2 (Thanks Lehvak for the screnshots too)
  8. General

    Post some screenshots down here to showcase them a little. Would like to see what things this community has come up with! (Already know what some of you are capable of)
  9. .MAP

  10. .MAP

    You are a god! Thanks Lehvak!
  11. Got a new RGH. Time to mod.

    1. weighta


      Did the other one break?

    2. KIORABOI101


      Yeah, its CPU burned last year.

    3. weighta
  12. Support

    Wondering how this is done, would help my map creation ALOT! Thanks in advance.
  13. .MAP

    V3.5 people! (pm if you wanna system link and play with me)
  14. Dammit! Bricked my Jtag :( :( :(

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    2. CabooseSayzWTF


      Best advice, don't touch it if you don't know what you're doing. Anwyays nandx that bish.

    3. KIORABOI101


      Yeah haha, I've learned my lesson.

    4. weighta


      God, that sucks.

  15. Support

    Forge 2.0?