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  1. Support

    , you're trying to do this mod in multiplayer. If you want to play as a hunter with the proper melee animations and a working hunter fuel rod cannon, you might wanna consider doing it in campaign or firefight instead. It obviously works better in campaign/firefight where you would normally see them. In multiplayer on the other hand, like you did, you had to inject the hunter character into a multiplayer map, which as you know still does not work properly, and that's why you are having issues with the hunter when you tested it in the game. Hope this helps you.
  2. Oh nevermind. Thank you for the reminder Lehvak
  3. Hello everyone, I have come back to this forum with something new to ask. I wonder if there is a way to spawn a squad of enemies just by shooting a weapon? (examples: phantom with grunts, brutes, and jackals, a pair of enemy AA wraiths, or even a group of enemy ghosts, banshees, and choppers)
  4. On, I open the scnr tag and scroll down to Player Starting Profile and for the chief_1p_respawn, I change the primary weapon from the assault rifle to the gravity hammer, but when I play the game, I spawn with a magnum, not the gravity hammer. I also added the gravity hammer weapon tag to the Weapons block within the brute chieftain biped tag. Then I modified the magnum's firing effect tag to spawn the brute chieftain armor character tag, then when I spawn a brute chieftain in the game, they do not spawn with the gravity hammer as it was supposed to. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem? Thank you
  5. When I press the fire button, it shoots only one round, after that, I cannot shoot anymore rounds until I revert to last checkpoint, and every time I revert to last checkpoint, the same problem occurs. I want to be able to shoot the monitor gun continuously like the monitor AI normally does.
  6. I really cannot tell which value in the monitor beam weapon tag causes my problem. A little helping hand would be appreciated.
  7. Modding

    Okay, I made the phantom drivable, I also made all the seats work as well. I also fixed the physics model of the phantom. Then, I made the chin gun work. The next thing I want to do is be able to hop into the phantom using its grav lift and exit the same way, just like AIs normally do. Does anyone know how?
  8. When I drive the mammoth, it does not drive properly on hills and bumps. The mammoth's front hovers above ground instead of staying on the ground like the mammoth in the actual game, and it is much more difficult to turn right and turn left with the mammoth I spawn as compared to the mammoth in the actual game. I did find out that the cinematic checkbox in the physics section of the mammoth vehicle tag is unchecked in this mod. I think that's the reason why the mammoth is not moving properly on bumps and hills. Please notify me if I'm wrong. Thank you so much
  9. I meant what value in the weapon tag do I need to change to solve this problem I unchecked the cannot be used by player flag in the WEAPON section of the monitor beam weapon, then I went to the weapon aim assist section and set the weapon class to support and the weapon name to sb. As a side note, I did this on
  10. I tried this, but when I shoot the weapon, it shoots for a second and then stops shooting immediately, after that, the weapon will not shoot any more rounds until I revert to last checkpoint, and the same issue still occurs when I revert to last checkpoint. Is there something I can do to solve this annoying problem?
  11. I'm sorry, but I meant that I want to duplicate the monitor beam and make it usable and make it so that you could pick it up and hold it like an assault rifle, and as I said like the plasma rifle that is the scarab gun.
  12. Hello everyone. I wonder if there is a way to modify an assault rifle in Halo 3 into the weapon that 343 guilty spark uses during the campaign. The result I want is the 343 guilty spark weapon that is modified to look like an assault rifle and feel like you're holding an assault rifle, like the scarab gun in Halo 2 that looks and feels like you're picking up and holding a plasma rifle.
  13. Support

  14. Support

    So is there a way I could activate the script you are talking about so that the player can trigger the custom animation making it seem like the pelican is destroyed? As you said of course, it is not.
  15. Thank you Lord Zedd this worked. I used this so that I could spawn grunts, I even got to spawn the scarab char tag. Now I figured out how to load an object onto all parts of the campaign mission.