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  1. Sorry I didn't know that was a thing
  2. Would it be possible to get the network debug offsets, or even explain how to find it. Even if they are tu0 I just want to mess around on LiNK and look at what information I can find that aids me in figuring out how the connection differs from one title to another.
  3. I managed to fix most of them to work on the regular default.xex for tu1 on halo reach, and updated some of the ones that were in the tu0 section. I'll probably post some of the offsets that can't be used in malicious ways such as the armor color offsets.
  4. I still have all in the picture above, but I sold my xdk. My halo 4 one is an rgh, also own two reach consoles, two Xbox ones and 20 retail 360s
  5. Halo 3

    This is awesome @drahcir would it be possible to make something like this for reach?
  6. Other

    Time for comic sans halo
  7. What about from halo 4 nettest beta, as it still is mainly reach assets in the game?
  8. as to the original post I've done some of this myself. I've managed to get most things working except audio
  9. I try to do it and it never works, I used the advanced poker in Ascension and that is one of the only ones I can't get to work So I searched up the offset in the xex for both TU1 and TU0 and found the offset was not in there, (at least from what I could tell) The TU0 offset was said to be 0xc21601e1, and you poke 00 to be male and 10 to be female but It didn't work. Same with the TU1 offset which was 0xc21a9be1 supposedly. -note I also tested it in the Halo Anniversary ReachTU1,xex Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong or is it entered incorrectly on Ascension?
  10. I got a slim XDK Final, probably you were one of my biggest inspirations for doing it but yeah. I enjoy using it with the 1gigabit Ethernet and 1gig ram. Do you know much about slim finals?

    1. Lord Zedd
    2. weighta


      Wow nice! I don't even have any idea exactly what they are and what they are capable of but cool.

  11. Make sure contpatch is disabled in dashlaunch
  12. .MAP

    For some odd reason it works if I do the matrix patch first, but if I do the expanded first it won't.
  13. .MAP

    I'll let you know how it turns out.
  14. .MAP

    @Lord Zedd, would it be hard to add the expanded main menu to this?
  15. I'm glad most of the links for this beta have been taken down.