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  1. PS: will be sharing more conversions if I'm allowed.
  2. Hello to all! Anyone here still interested with skyrim pc mods on the xbox 360? I've actually created a channel at youtube featuring stuff that works. I'm ærys the mad dovahking there. Been active as well on xboxiso.. but recently, it has very little activity & even has gone down.. & ironically, just when I was posting various new conversions of mods by R0R0N0 when it shut down. Actually chatted with R0R0N0 himself & he okayed for me to share my conversions of his mods. Decided to put them here too, if it's ok. I'm not familiar yet with any exclusivities or all the rules on this site, so I apologize beforehand & kindly point them out to me if I did any. Hope you guys like it. Got gameplay vids on all my conversions on my channel if you wanna check them out. Thanks & I hope there's still interest in this because I just started this whole skyrim modding thing just a few months back & my enthusiasm's still high. Here are links to my conversions. DLC in form, hence, no file extensions. Can only be played on a modded jtag rgh xbox 360. Big thanks to the mod creator, R0R0N0 for okaying this. Visit his YT channel or LL page, if you want more info. R0R0N0 Mods: DmC Dante 1.3 (w/ weapons) DmC Nero (w/ weapons) DBZ Goku DBZ Cell FF7 Cloud Strife FF7 Sephiroth FF7 Zack Fair Asura (Asura's Wrath) Augus (Asura's Wrath) Amazing SpiderMan Suit (Pack) Superman Batman Joker Origins (no crafting. must use console command, MUT by Selyb. Code: xx000d63) Captain Marvel (Shazam) Dark Seid Flash Green Lantern Moon Knight Rorschach Spawn Naked Snake (MGS) One Piece (Mod Pack: Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Usopp)